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+1 Public Exam March 2019 Important Creative Questions and Answers

11th Standard

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Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 150
    75 x 2 = 150
  1. What is meant by Nallangadi?

  2. What is hindrance of finance?

  3. What was advocated by Kautilya in Arthasasthra with regard to trade?

  4. Define Profession.

  5. Classify the following activities into economic or non-economic activities?

  6. What are Joint Enterprises?

  7. What are the classification of Tertiary industries

  8. What is tertiary industry?

  9. What is Quinary service?

  10. What are the Corporate enterprises?

  11. Why do sole traders lose the economies of large-scale production?

  12. What is the other name for sole proprietorship?

  13. List out any five demerits of sole trading concern.

  14. Who is called a Partner?

  15. What is the meaning of Ancestral Property?

  16. Is partnership interest is transferable?

  17. What is express authority?

  18. What is meant by Limited liability?

  19. What is meant of Articles of Association?

  20. What is Objective clause?

  21. What do you mean by Co-operative organization?

  22. What do you mean by In Transit Mixing?

  23. Give examples of co-operative society.

  24. Write any two advantages of MNC.

  25. Name the type of business enterprise which operates in more than one country.

  26. List the advantages of MNC's.

  27. What is the basic feature of a Departmental undertaking?

  28. How can we establish state enterprises?

  29. Write the meaning of 'Bank.

  30. List out the functions of RBI

  31. Expand NABARD.

  32. What are the departments of Reserve Bank of India?

  33. What do you mean by Industrial banks?

  34. Give the example of Development Banks

  35. Briefly Explain the need for Debit Card.

  36. Write a note on - ECS.

  37. What do you mean by Overdraft?

  38. What are the important requisites of a cheque?

  39. List the various types of Warehouses.

  40. Give a not on SWC.

  41. How warehousing facilitates business finance?

  42. State any two services rendered by transports.

  43. Name any four types of Land transport.

  44. What are Domestic Flights?

  45. What is health insurance?

  46. What is re-insurance?

  47. What are the nature of business risks?

  48. Who is a factor?

  49. What are the benefits of KPO

  50. What are the types of Franchising?

  51. What is meant by BPO?

  52. Who are called stakeholders?

  53. What are the Responsibility of Suppliers?

  54. State two ways by which ethics influences behaviour.

  55. Define 'Business Ethics'.

  56. What is Factoring?

  57. What is Commercial Paper (CP)?

  58. What is GDR (Global Depositary Receipt)?

  59. What are the disadvantages of FDI.

  60. What is Internal trade?

  61. Define Retailer.

  62. Name the business which do not have any middleman

  63. State the meaning of multiple shops

  64. What is Instalment System?

  65. What is meant by Entrepot Trade?

  66. What is Joint-Venture?

  67. Write any two export promotion institutions.

  68. What do you mean by EXIM bank?

  69. Give any two differences between GATT and WTO.

  70. Define Balance of Payment.

  71. Why should one know law?

  72. Define Reciprocal promise

  73. What is Quantum merit?

  74. What is meant by previous year?

  75. What do you mean by Goods and Services Tax?


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