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11th Public Exam March 2019 Important 5 Marks Questions

11th Standard

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Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 250
    50 x 5 = 250
  1. What are the hindrances of commerce?

  2. Briefly explain the Coastal trade in ancient Tamil Nadu.

  3. How did the ancient Tamil country trade with Rome, China and Europe?

  4. Compare business with profession and employment.

  5. What are the types of occupations? Briefly Explain about them.

  6. What are the characteristics of commerce?

  7. Write a note on Tertiary industries.

  8. What are the advantages of Sole trading business?

  9. "One-man control is the best in the world provided that one-man is big enough to take care of everything" -Discuss.

  10. What are the contents of Partnership Deed?

  11. What are the advantages of Partnership firm?

  12. What is meant by Dissolution of Partnership?

  13. What are Disadvantages of the Company form of organization?

  14. What are the contents of Memorandum of Association?

  15. Enumerate the advantages of company.(Any five).

  16. What are the types of Cooperative Society?

  17. Explain the functions of Central Warehouse Corporation (CWC)?

  18. What are the steps involved in forming a co-operative society?

  19. Explain the disadvantages of MNC?

  20. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Public corporation?

  21. Explain the advantages of Government Company.

  22. Classify the various functions of Reserve Bank of India.

  23. Explain the leadership and supervisory functions of RBI.

  24. Explain the types of banks based on ownership pattern.

  25. What do you mean by Payment Bank?

  26. Discuss the various Primary functions performed by the Commercial banks.

  27. A person forgot his password of Debit card, How to get password? Give guidelines to him.

  28. Explain the different types of Warehouses.

  29. Explain the various Warehousing Documents.

  30. Discuss the advantages of railway transport.

  31. What are all the advantages of Railway Transport?

  32. Explain the Principles of insurance.

  33. Elucidate the features of factoring.

  34. Write a note on e-commerce models.

  35. What are the arguments against Social Responsibility?

  36. Describe the benefits of increasing the number of MNCs.

  37. What are the different types of short term finances given by commercial banks?

  38. State any five features of FCCB.

  39. What is the definition of MSME?

  40. Explain briefly the different types of Foreign trade.

  41. What are the functions of Wholesalers?

  42. Describe the role of chambers of commerce in promotion of internal trade.

  43. Enumerate the disadvantages of International Trade?

  44. Distinguish between Bill of Lading and Charter party?

  45. Write down the functions of WTO.

  46. Distinguish balance of payment and balance of trade.

  47. Difference between Contract and Agreement.

  48. Elucidate the provision regarding time as factor in performance.

  49. Explain the ways of discharge of contract?

  50. Discuss the different kinds of GST


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