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+1 Public Exam March 2019 Important Creative 3 Mark Questions and Answers

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Applications

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 450
    150 x 3 = 450
  1. Define Transistor.

  2. What is Machine language?

  3. What is Robotics?

  4. What is Nano-technology?

  5. Define POST.

  6. What is use of ALU?

  7. Differentiate optical mouse and laser mouse.

  8. Differentiate Dot Matrix Printer and Laser Printer.

  9. Add 2010+2510

  10. Reason out why the NAND an NOR are called universal gates?

  11. Write the De Morgan's law.

  12. Describe the parameters are used to determine the value of each digit in a number.

  13. Write a note on Decimal Number system

  14. Write a note on a hexadecimal number system

  15. Find the Answer the Following; 1002 - 12

  16. What negative value does 1001 - 1011 represent

  17. Add the binary numbers 1101012 and 1011112

  18. Name the different types of operations that can be performed in Binary arithmetics

  19. Add FACE16 + 897316

  20. Write the three main units of microprocessor.

  21. What is Clock speed?

  22. List out the operation carried out by and Instruction set.

  23. What is the use of System Bus?

  24. Differentiate RAM and ROM.

  25. Differentiate Primary Memory and secondary memory.

  26. Why Blu-Ray disc is developed ?

  27. Compare between 32-bit and 64 bit microprocessor?

  28. What is meant by distributed computing?

  29. Differentiate Internet and Intranet.

  30. Write the usage of operating system.

  31. Write the objectives of operating system.

  32. What does security management refers?

  33. What are the requirements of segment in memory management?

  34. Write a note on BOSS.

  35. Give an example of Real Time Processing.

  36. What are the types of management done by Operating System.

  37. How is virtual memory is implemented?

  38. What are the techniques employed by an OS to optimize the CPU time?

  39. What is protected by the security modules of an OS?

  40. Why modern OS use a GUI?

  41. How the Linux OS was created?

  42. Write the most popular operating systems.

  43. Differentiate between Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  44. Write a note on desktop.

  45. Write a note on window.

  46. What is the difference between the application window and the document window?

  47. How will you start and close a program in windows?

  48. Write a note on Ubuntu OS.

  49. Name the methods followed while copying files and folders to removable disk.

  50. How will you create desktop shortcuts in windows?

  51. Write about the drawing toolbar.

  52. How do you insert cells, rows and columns?

  53. Write the steps to insert line numbers in writer?

  54. What is a Watermark?

  55. Write the Editing Shotkeys to move and copy the text in the document.

  56. Why DDE link used while using paste special option?

  57. Define Highlighting.

  58. Write the steps followed to apply different style of bullets and numbering.

  59. Write the steps followed to change the papersize in writer.

  60. How will you apply borders to an entire document?

  61. Define Spell check.

  62. How will you define the number of columns on a page in writer?

  63. Write the steps followed to customize the width and spacing of the columns a page in writer.

  64. How will you formate the table using formatting toolbar?

  65. How will you print the current document in black and white a gray scale.

  66. Differentiate standard and formatting toolbar.

  67. Write the classification of data types in Openoffice calc.

  68. What are arithmetic operators? Give one example.

  69. What are relational operators? Give on example.

  70. Write the steps to save a worksheet.

  71. Name the file type for the extension (i) .odt (ii) .ods (iii) . odp

  72. Write the steps to insert a new column in a worksheet.

  73. How will you insert cells, row and columns using "Insert cells" Toolbar.

  74. How the functions are categorized in Openoffice Calc?

  75. Write the steps to sort the data in the worksheet

  76. Write the steps for using Auto filter

  77. Define Table, Record and Filed.

  78. What do you understand by animation and how does it help in enhancing a presentation?

  79. Write the steps to change the font and effects of the current design theme of a presentation

  80. Write a short note on impress.

  81. How will you create a presentation

  82. Write a note on extranet.

  83. Write a note on Intranet

  84. Write the description of the following Generic
    Domain Name.
    (i) .com
    (ii) .gov
    (iii) .org
    (iv) .net
    (v) .edu

  85. What is broadband?

  86. Write a note on DNS.

  87. What is the use of social networking?

  88. What is e-banking?

  89. Write a short note on e-learning.

  90. What is Malicious Spyware?

  91. What is computer worm?

  92. Write a note on spam.

  93. Definition of rootkit.

  94. What is sandboxing?

  95. What is loT?

  96. Expand (i) VSNL (ii) SERP (ill) SID

  97. What are the different methods of accessing the internet?

  98. Write about Webpage.

  99. What is HTML?

  100. Explain HTML document structure.

  101. Write the steps for viewing webpage in a Browser.

  102. Explain two attributes used in HTML

  103. What is use of < ! > tag?

  104. Write briefly about HTML attributes.

  105. Explain Container a empty Elements.

  106. Write a short note on (i) Subscript (ii) Superscript.

  107. Write-the usage and final output of the following tags
    (i) < strong > (ii) < em > (iii) < ins > (iv) < del >

  108. Explain the attributes used to customize the ordered list.

  109. Define (i) cell (ii) Border (iii) column (iv) Table

  110. Define' (i) Ordered list (ii) Unordered list (iii) Definition list

  111. Write note on Physical Style tags / Container tags.

  112. Explain Highlighting text with an example.

  113. Write about inserting and deleting text in html document.

  114. Explain the usage of < B >,  < I >, < U >, < S > tags

  115. Explain the usage of multiple fonts with face attribute.

  116. What is the use of align attribute of < img > tag? Explain its values.

  117. Write a note on following attribute of < Marquee > tag?
    (i) Scroll delay
    (ii) Scroll amount
    (iii) loop

  118. What is the use of form in HTML?

  119. Write a note on method attribute of < form > tag.

  120. Explain the use of < select > tag.

  121. Explain any 2 use of the < Marquee > tag.

  122. How will you insert an image in a HTML document?

  123. How will you insert video and sound in a webpage?

  124. Explain Sitewide Style Sheet.

  125. How will link CSSwith HTML?

  126. Write HTML code to change the background colour of browser using CSS.

  127. Explain the prompt Dialog Box.

  128. Write the syntax of confirm () dialog box.

  129. Write the syntax of alert dialog box.

  130. Write the rule of operands used in logical expression

  131. Write a note on important attributes of < script > tag.

  132. What are the rules for naming avariable?

  133. What are the relational or comparison operators used in JavaScript? Explain.

  134. What are the functions of the for loop parts?

  135. Write script for the following criteria.

  136. Tabulate some pre-defined functions and its function with an example

  137. What are the guidelines of ethics?

  138. What is ethical issue? List the common ethical issues.

  139. Write note on unauthorized access

  140. What is cyber attack and cyber security?

  141. What is phishing? Explain with suitable diagram.

  142. What is Pharming? Explain with suitable diagram.

  143. An illustration of the man-in-the-middle attack

  144. Why web sites use cookies?

  145. Explain the working of Proxy Server

  146. How to prevent cyber crime?

  147. Write note on e-Governance

  148. List the website addressof popular e-Libraries

  149. List the familiar Tamil Keyuuard interfaces and Tamil keyboard layouts.

  150. Write note on Tamil operating system


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