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11th Public Exam March 2019 Creative Five Mark Question Test

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Applications

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100
    100 x 5 = 500
  1. Explain any two input and output devices.

  2. Explain in detail the different types of Mouse.

  3. Explain Impact Printers with an Example.

  4. Explain Non-Impact printers with an example.

  5. Explain booting of computer and its types.

  6. What are Registers? Explain the five Registers that are essential for instruction execution.

  7. Explain the fundamental gates of expression and truth table

  8. Explain the Derived gates with expression and truth table.

  9. What is number system? Describe different number systems in detail.

  10. Convert the Following (101011001)2 \(\rightarrow \) (?16) = (?)8

  11. Convert the following Hexadecimal numbers to Binary numbers (A). A6 (B). BE (C). 9BC8 (D). BC9

  12. Convert the following Decimal numbers to its equivalent Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal. - 1920

  13. Convert the given Binary number into its equivalent Decimal, Octal and Hexadecimal number - 1011010

  14. Convert the following Octal numbers into Binary numbers. - 62478

  15. Explain the classification of Microprocessor based on Instruction set?

  16. Define the following. (a) Bus (b) Data bus (c) Address bus (d) Control Bus

  17. Explain any three secondary storage devices.

  18. Explain memory management techniques.

  19. Explain File Management.

  20. Explain the following in detail.
    (a) FIFO (b) SJF (c) Round Robin

  21. Write the important functions of an operating system?

  22. Explain the different types of icons of windows desktop

  23. Explain the elements of Windows.

  24. Explain different ways of creating a new folder.

  25. Explain how will you find a file or folder in Windows.

  26. Explain the different methods of renaming files and folders.

  27. Explain the procedure of shutting down or logging of computer.

  28. Write the significant features of Ubuntu OS.

  29. Explain the most common indicators in Ubuntu OS menu bar.

  30. Write about the drawing toolbar.

  31. Explain any five menus in the Openoffice Writer Menu bar.

  32. Explain the cursor movement keys used in Openoffice Writer document.

  33. Explain the steps followed to save the document.

  34. Explain how move and copy the text in the document.

  35. Explain the four types of paragraph alignment

  36. Explain the types of indenting the text.

  37. How will you check the spelling mistakes after the document typed.

  38. Explain the steps to insert a special character in a writer.

  39. Explain the steps headed to create a water mark in writer.

  40. Explain the different techniques to insert tables in a writer.

  41. Explain the features of OpenOffice Calc.

  42. Write down the parts of the OpenOffice Calc window.

  43. Explain Reference operator with an example.

  44. Explain how will you generate whole number series.

  45. Explain how will you insert a function using Direct Insert method.

  46. Write the steps to do multiple sorting data.

  47. Write the steps to apply standard filter?

  48. Explain the steps to create a presentation by selecting on empty presentation.

  49. Explain view buttons in Impress.

  50. Explain the purposes served by outline view in Impress.

  51. Explain the structure of email

  52. Explain the advantages of email

  53. What are the different browsers? Explain.

  54. Explain the steps to create a webpage.

  55. Explain how will you edit and reload the source file in a HTML document

  56. Explain the four structural tags used in webpage.

  57. Explain Heading tag with its attributes.

  58. Explain Line Breaks and Paragraphs in HTML document.

  59. Explain the attributes used with < font > tag in HTML.

  60. Define the following terms (i) link (ii) Hyperlink (iii) Internal link (iv) Local link
    (v) External link

  61. What is subscript and superscript?

  62. Explain < HR > tag with attributes through suitable HTMl code.

  63. Explain scrolling text using < Marquee >.

  64. Explain how will you add video and sound in HTML.

  65. Explain the attributes of < input > tag.

  66. Explain How will you create drop-down list box with an example.

  67. Explain how will you Inserting image with HTML document.

  68. What do you known about
    (i) Photoshop
    (ii) Picasa
    (ill) GIMP
    (iv) HTML
    (v) W3C

  69. Explain all the attributes of < IMG > tag with suitable HTML code.

  70. Tabulate C55 - Frequently using background image and paragraph margin formatting Properties and Values.

  71. Explain the steps to follow to code Javascript language.

  72. Explain the lexical structure of a Javascript program.

  73. Write the rules of naming variables in Javascript program.

  74. Write a HTML code using relational operator to compare two data.

  75. Write a HTML code using to test logical operators.

  76. Explain with an example the use of break and continue statement in loops?

  77. Explain the execution of while loop with an example?

  78. Explain the working of do while loop in Javascript with an example?

  79. Write a Javascript to find whether the given number is positive or negative?

  80. Write a Javascript to find whether the given number is even or odd?

  81. Write a Javascript to display the given number is words using switch-case (Number between only 1 and 5)

  82. Explain while loop with suitable example.

  83. Explain while loop with suitable example do .... while loop.

  84. Explain the followingfunctions with an example.
    (i) touppercase ( )
    (ii) tolowercase ( )
    (iii) length()
    (iv) parselnt()
    (v) parseFloat()

  85. Write a JavaScript to find sum of two numbers using function.

  86. Write a JavaScript to find the given value is a number or not. Using functions and form.

  87.  Write a program in JavaScript for adding two numbers using function.

  88. Write a program in JavaScript to test isNan( ) Function

  89. Write a JavaScript to create on-line quiz.

  90. Explain social engineering with an example.

  91. Write the reasons now web sites typically use cookies.

  92. Explain the different types of encryption.

  93. Explain the function of digital signature.

  94. List the computer crimes and their functions.

  95. Explain Hacking in detail.

  96. Explain Cracking in detail.

  97. Explain the working of Firewall server.

  98. Explain p~blic key encryption.

  99. What is digital signature? Explain function of digital signature with- sui.table diagram.

  100. .Write about Tamil Office Automation Applications.


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