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All Chapter 5 Marks

11th Standard

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Total Marks : 240
    Answer All The Following Question:
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  1. Compare and contrast various definitions of Economics.

  2. Elaborate the nature and scope of Economics

  3. Explain the wealth definition given by Adam Smith

  4. Examine the nature of Economic laws.

  5. Elucidate the law of diminishing marginal utility with diagram.

  6. Explain the law of Equi - marginal utility

  7. Explain the indifference curve approach?

  8. Enumerate the determinants of Demand?

  9. Examine the Law of Variable Proportions with the help of diagram.

  10. List out the properties of iso - quants with the help of diagrams

  11. What are the factors determining supply ?

  12. Explain briefly the Iso-cost Line with the help of a diagram?

  13. Discuss the short run cost curves with suitable diagram?

  14. Bring out the relationship between AR and MR curves under various price conditions.

  15. Explain briefly total cost with a suitable diagram.

  16. Explain the short run Average Cost curves with suitable diagrams.

  17. Brint out the features of perfect competition.

  18. How price and output and determined under the perfect competition?

  19. Explain the comparison among the features of various markets.

  20. Differentiate between perfect competition and monopoly.

  21. Explain the Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution.

  22. Illustrate the Ricardian Theory of Rent.

  23. Explain the Wage Fund Theory of Wages

  24. Explain the Marginal Productivity theory of wage.

  25. Write the importance of mineral resources in India.

  26. Bring out Jawharlal Nehru's contribution to the idea of economic development.

  27. Explain the B.R. Ambedkar Economic ideas in Agricultural Economics.

  28. Discuss Thiruvalluvar's contribution to Indian economy.

  29. Explain the role of SSIs in economic develop met.

  30. Describe the performance of 12th five year plan in India.

  31. Briefly explain about Human development Report 2016

  32. What are the problems of British Rule in India?

  33. Explain the objectives and characteristics of SEZs.

  34. Describe the salient features of EXIM policy (2015 - 2020)

  35. Explain about Agrarian Crisis after reforms.

  36. Discuss the Arguments in favour of LPG ?

  37. 'The features of Rural Economy are peculiar'- Argue.

  38. Discuss the problems of Rural Economy.

  39. What are the problem in Agree ?

  40. What are the causes of Rural Poverty?

  41. Describe the quantitative aspects of population.

  42. Explain the public transport system in Tamil Nadu.

  43. Describe the various types of industries in Tamil Nadu. The Government is promoting industrial parks like Rubber Park, Apparel Park, Floriculture Park, TICEL Park for Biotechnology, Siruseri IT Park and Agro Zones. Tamil Nadu has a network of about 110 industrial parks/estates that offer developed plots with supporting infrastructure.

  44. Write a short note 'Sivakasi'.

  45. The demand and supply functions are Pd= 1600 -x2 and Ps = 2x2 + 400 respectively. Find the consumer's surplus and producer's Surplus at equilibrium point

  46. Explain the Integral Calculus?

  47. Solve by Cramer's rule
    \(2{ x }_{ 1 }+3{ x }_{ 2 }=7;\)
    \(2{ x }_{ 1 }+{ x }_{ 2 }=5\)

  48. Mr.Anbu purchased 2 pens, 3 pencils and 1 note book. Mr.Barakath purchased 4 pens, 3 pencils and 2 notebooks. Mr.Charles purchased 2 pens, 5 pencils and 3 notebooks. They spent Rs.32, Rs.52 and Rs.60 respectively. Find the price of a pen, a pencil and a notebook.


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