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11th Standard

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    Answer All The Following Questions:
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  1. Explain the scarcity definition of Economics and assess it.

  2. What are the important features of utility?

  3. Examine the major implications of samuelson growth definition

  4. Explain the importance of microeconomics.

  5. Mention the relationship between marginal utility and total utility.

  6. What are the factors influencing elasticity of demand?

  7. What are the factors governing elasticity of supply?

  8. Bring out the relationship among Total, Average and Marginal Products.

  9. Explain Iso quant map with the help of diagram.

  10. Bring out the differences between short run and long run production function.

  11. State the differences between money cost and real cost.

  12. Write a short note on Marginal Revenue.

  13. Define Accounting cost.

  14. Distinguish between Economic cost and Social cost.

  15. State the meaning of selling cost with an example.

  16. Differentiate between 'firm' and 'industry'.

  17. What are the conditions of price discrimination?

  18. Briefly explain the defects of monopolistic competition.

  19. List out the kinds of wages.

  20. Describe briefly the Innovation Theory of Profit.

  21. What are the assumption of Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution?

  22. What are the sources depends upon the supply loanable funds?

  23. Define Economic Development.

  24. Write a short note on village sarvodhaya.

  25. What is meant by life expectancy at birth?

  26. Trace the development of Health care in India.

  27. Give a note a Twelfth Five Year Plan.

  28. What is PQLI?

  29. Explain the small scale industries in Indian economy

  30. Discuss the second Green Revolution?

  31. Give short note on Cold storage.

  32. What is GST? Write its advantages.

  33. Explain SEZ ?

  34. What are the major objectives of SEZ's?

  35. Write a note on Regional Rural Banks.

  36. Mention the features of SHGs.

  37. What are the requirements for Rural Development?

  38. Write a note on the Rural Road.

  39. Describe development of textile industry in Tamil Nadu.

  40. What are the renewable sources of power in Tamil Nadu?

  41. Explain about air transport in Tamil Nadu.

  42. Write a short; note on MSMEs.

  43. Find the supply function of a commodity such that the quantity supplied is zero, when the price is Rs.5 or below and the supply (quantity) increases continuously at the constant rate of 10 units for each one rupee rise when the price is above Rs.5.

  44. State the standard forms of Differentiation for constant, addition and subtraction. Some Standard Forms of Differentiation:
    (Constant; addition and subtraction only)

  45. Differentiate the function \(y={ 3x }^{ 2 }+{ 16x }^{ 3 }\) with respect to x.

  46. Given Tr=50Q-\(4{ Q }^{ 2 }\), find marginal revenue when Q=3


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