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All Chapter 2 Marks

11th Standard

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Total Marks : 96
    Answer All The Following Questions:
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  1. What is meant by Economics?

  2. What are goods?

  3. What are the major features of Robbins definitions?

  4. Distinguish between nominal income and real income?

  5. What are Giffen goods? Why?

  6. What are the degrees of price elasticity of demand?

  7. Mention few determinants of Elasticity of demand?

  8. State the law of Diminishing Marginal Utility (DMU) as given by Marshall.

  9. Classify the factors of production.

  10. What are the reasons for upward sloping supply curve?

  11. What do you mean by Iso quant?

  12. What does the term External Economies to scale refer to?

  13. Define cost.

  14. Give the definition for 'Real cost'.

  15. What is Marginal Revenue?

  16. What is Average Cost (AC)?

  17. Define Market.

  18. Who is price-taker?

  19. What are the Equilibrium conditions for a firm?

  20. State the different types of Imperfect competition.

  21. What is profit?

  22. State the meaning of liquidity preference.

  23. Write down the criticisms of marginal productivity theory of distribution?

  24. Define Marginal Product.

  25. Give a short note on Sen's 'Choice of Technique'.

  26. List out the reasons for low per capita income as given by V.K.R.V. Rao.

  27. Write any five weakness of Indian economy?

  28. What are the different types of Natural resources?

  29. What are the objectives of Tenth five year plan?

  30. Mention the indicators which are used to calculate HDI.

  31. What do you mean by following plan?

  32. What do you mean by colonialism?

  33. Why was structural reform implemented in Indian Economy?

  34. State the reasons for implementing LPG.

  35. Define Statutory Liquidity Ratio?

  36. What are the different methods of disinvestment deployed in India.

  37. What do you mean by Rural Development?

  38. Define open unemployment

  39. Define Small Scale Industries (SSIs) ?

  40. Define Population Density ?

  41. What is heritage tourism?

  42. Define Micro industry

  43. What is the position of Tamil Nadu in sex ratio?

  44. What is the gross export earning of Tamilnadu?

  45. What is the formula for elasticity of supply if you know the supply function?

  46. If 124 = 68 + 8x what is x?

  47. What is called a square matrix?

  48. If Y = 2x3 – 6x, then find \(\frac { dy }{ dx } \)


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