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11th Public Exam March 2019 Important 5 Marks Questions

11th Standard

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Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 200
    40 x 5 = 200
  1. Compare and contrast various definitions of Economics.

  2. Explain basic problems of the economy with the help of production possibility curve.

  3. Explain the stable equilibrium with the help of diagram.

  4. Explain the wealth definition given by Adam Smith

  5. State the assumption on which the explanation and analysis of production possibility curve based upon.

  6. What is Indifference curve map? Explain the properties of indifference curve with diagrams.

  7. Explain briefly Levels or degrees of Price Elasticity of Demand?

  8. Explain the theory of Consumer's surplus with the help of a table and a diagram.

  9. List out the properties of iso - quants with the help of diagrams

  10. Explain the types of elasticity supply with the help of diagram.

  11. Explain briefly the Iso-cost Line with the help of a diagram?

  12. If total cost = 10+ Q3, find out AC, AVC, TFC, AFC when Q = 5.

  13. Discuss the short run cost curves with suitable diagram?

  14. If the total cost = 100 + Q3, find out AVC, AC, TFC,AFC and TVC when Q = 10.

  15. Define Total Revenue and Explain its behaviour when. the price is constant and when the price is declining.

  16. How price and output and determined under the perfect competition?

  17. Illustrate price and output determination under Monopoly.

  18. What are classification of Market?

  19. Explain the equilibrium conditions for a firm with the help of diagrams.

  20. Explain the Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution.

  21. Elucidate the Loanable Funds Theory of Interest.

  22. Explain the four sources depend upon the supply of loanable funds.

  23. Explain the Modern Theory of Rent.

  24. Explain Strong features Indian economy.

  25. Bring out Jawharlal Nehru's contribution to the idea of economic development.

  26. Explain weakness features Indian Economy.

  27. Explain B. R. Ambedkar's contribution to Indian economy.

  28. Explain the role of SSIs in economic develop met.

  29. Describe the performance of five year plans in India.

  30. What are this Achievement of Green Revolution?

  31. Explain the objectives and characteristics of SEZs.

  32. What are the major changes after 1991 ?

  33. Discuss the problems of Rural Economy.

  34. What are the problem in Agree ?

  35. Describe the quantitative aspects of population.

  36. Trace the development of Banking system in Tamil Nadu.

  37. The demand and supply functions are Pd= 1600 -x2 and Ps = 2x2 + 400 respectively. Find the consumer's surplus and producer's Surplus at equilibrium point

  38. Mr.Anbu purchased 2 pens, 3 pencils and 1 note book. Mr.Barakath purchased 4 pens, 3 pencils and 2 notebooks. Mr.Charles purchased 2 pens, 5 pencils and 3 notebooks. They spent Rs.32, Rs.52 and Rs.60 respectively. Find the price of a pen, a pencil and a notebook.

  39. A manufacturer estimates that, when units of a commodity are produced each month the total costs will be TC(Q) = 128 + 60Q + 8Q2.·Find the marginal cost, average cost, fixed cost, variable cost, average fixed cost and average variable cost.

  40. What are the uses of the integration in Economics?


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