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Emergence of State and Empire Two Marks Question

11th Standard

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Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 20
    10 x 2 = 20
  1. How did Bimbisara extend the territory of Magadhan Empire?

  2. Write a note on Mahapadma Nanda.

  3. What made Alexander the Great to restore the throne of Porus?

  4. What are the features of a centralised state?

  5. Give a brief note on the literary sources for the study of Mauryan state.

  6. In what ways did the invasion of Alexander make a watershed in Indian history?

  7. Name the first three mauryan emporers?

  8. What all are mentioned in the second inscription?

  9. Write about the tax collecting system of mauryan?

  10. Name the provisions of mauryans.


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