+1 Public Exam March 2019 Important Creative 3 Mark Questions and Answers

11th Standard

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Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 300
    100 x 3 = 300
  1. Write a note on Wild and Domestic.

  2. Name few early acheulian tools

  3. What is meant by flake industry?

  4. Write a note on Ostrich Egg Shells

  5. Name the sites and materials

  6. Name some agro pastrol communities.

  7. What are the occupation did by chalcolithic age?

  8. Name the copper tools used in chalcolithic age?

  9. Write the social divisions of rig vedha?

  10. Mention some of the rising towns and cities in the aftermath of second urbanization.

  11. How does the kingdom ruled?

  12. What are the social divisions followed?

  13. Highlight the impact of the invasion of Alexander the Great on India.

  14. What is meant by archaeology?

  15. From where did the word hindhu derived?

  16. What do you know about Arthasastra?

  17. What do you meant by Archaeological?

  18. What do you meant by Numismatic

  19. What do you meant by Epigraphic

  20. Write about the group inscription found at pulangurichi.

  21. “Muziri was the centre of two circuits of trade.” How?

  22. Give an evidence for the Ashoka's relation with the west Asia kings?

  23. Where the regions India had trade in his period?

  24. What is the belief of meanders?

  25. Name the greek nomadic tribes.

  26. What was the nomadic tribes results ?

  27. Name someLiterary sources for the Guptas?

  28. Classify the land system in Gupta period?

  29. What are the book written for the Sanskrit Grammar?

  30. List the Eighteen major puranas?

  31. What is Jaina Literature?

  32. Write the dramatists and writers in Gupta Period?

  33. What is called as Hiranyagarbha?

  34. Give the best specimens of the temple?

  35. Name the sub regional kingdoms.

  36. Write the minor powers?

  37. Write a short note on Rashtrakutas

  38. Who are the notable chal kya rulers.

  39. How did the cbalukya administration is divided?

  40. Write a note on the literature and education of the chalukya.

  41. How many groups according to the basis of style?

  42. Name some places where the revenue collected in supplementary?

  43. Name the colours extracted out of prominent object.

  44. What is the result of first battle of Tarain?

  45. Why did jayachandra not helped Prithiv Raj?

  46. Write a short note about Bhakthiyar Khalji?

  47. Write a note on Raziya sultanate.

  48. Name the places where they looted by defeating kingdom?

  49. Give short notes on the Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq dynasty?

  50. Why did the Pandyaswent to Lanka?

  51. What are the titles adopted by the Cholas?

  52. What are the various localities groups in Cholas period?

  53. What is meant by department of land revenue?

  54. How did the tax for paddy is collected?

  55. Name some of the rock-cut cave temples?

  56. Name the division of kingdom in India?

  57. Shah Nama.

  58. Name the travellers of various countries to India.

  59. Name some other language literatures.

  60. Name the revolt ofthe government?

  61. Who are the artisans?

  62. Name the dynasties of Vijayanagar kingdom.

  63. Write about the contribution of Sufism?

  64. What are the terms used by muslim saints?

  65. From where the Sufism took root?

  66. What Hindustan possessed, in Babur's view?

  67. Write a note about Battle of Chanderi?

  68. Write a note about Battle of Ghagra, 152.9

  69. Write a note about Battle of Chausa (1539)

  70. How did Shah Jahn proceeded in deccan?

  71. Write a short note on Shivaji and the Mughals

  72. What do you know about the province?

  73. Write a note on Cavalry

  74. Write a note about justice

  75. Write the types of cavalry?

  76. What are the objective of biritish power? '

  77. What is under the protection?

  78. Write a note on carnatic region.

  79. What is meant by entrepots?

  80. What is universal demand in south-east Asian markets?

  81. Write about the Amboyna Massacre

  82. Write about Wil O Dijk.

  83. Write note about the Ryotwari system.

  84. Indentured Labour System.

  85. What do you know about the eye Witness?

  86. Poverty and Un- British Rule in India explain.

  87. Who are many impoverished peasants and weavers?

  88. Write about treaty of paris.

  89. Treaty of Mangalore

  90. First Anglo-Maratha war in 1782

  91. Battle of Wandawashi

  92. Why did Wellesley led to his declaration of war against Tipu?

  93. Write a note about VeluNachiyar.:

  94. How did the palyakarars surrerened?

  95. How did the Kongu region passed into the hands of the English

  96. What are the commitment the Brahmo Samaj?

  97. What are the opposition the Brahmo Samaj?

  98. Prarthana Samaj .

  99. Write about Iyotheethoss Pandithar

  100. Write about Swami Vivekanauda


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