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Full Portion Three Marks Question Paper

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 60
    20 x 3 = 60
  1. What do you know of the Madras visit of the chairman of Indian Reform Society in 1853?

  2. What was the outcome of the plan of the Swadeshi leaders to celebrate the release of Bipin Chandra Pal from prison as Swarajya Day in Tirunelveli?

  3. Why is Ghadar Movement considered an important episode in India’s freedom struggle.

  4. Write about the Dyarchy in provinces.

  5. Write about the contribution of Singaraveluto the promotion of trade unionism in SouthIndia.

  6. Name the two campaigns of Arya Samajwhich estranged Hindus and Muslims.

  7. What do you know of Instrument of Accession?

  8. What is the significance of article 370 of the Constitution?

  9. What do you understand by the SocialisticPattern of Society?

  10. What were the achievements of Italian and English explorers?

  11. Bring out the negative outcome of Commercial Revolution.

  12. Long before the revolution of 1789, there was a revolution in the realm of ideas. Explain.

  13. When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold – Elucidate

  14. Enumerate the reasons for not Italy and Germany emerging as nation states along with England and France.

  15. Highlight the sequence of events after America’s entry into the War.

  16. Why was Hitler keen on capturing Stalingrad? Point out how his plan turned out to be his “Waterloo”.

  17. Bring out the significance of Huk Rebellion.

  18. Discuss the role of Kuomintang Party in China’s nationalist politics.

  19. Trace the background of the formation of NATO.

  20. Why SEATO was not so popular as NATO?


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