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Important 3 Mark Book Back Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 34

    Part A

    28 x 3 = 84
  1. What are the principles of Taylor?

  2. Bring out the subsidiary functions of management.

  3. What are the Process of MBE?

  4. Write a note on Secondary Market.

  5. What are the various kinds of Capital Market? Explain.

  6. Who are the participants of Money Market?

  7. Explain National Stock, Market System. (NSMS).

  8. What are the documents required for a Demat account?

  9. What is the importance of Human resource?

  10. Define the term Recruitment.

  11. What is structured interview?

  12. Write short note on trainer and trainee.

  13. What can be marketed in the market?

  14. What are the factors affecting Price of Product?

  15. Explain the importance of social marketing.

  16. Write the importance of consumerism.

  17. Define "Consumer Rights".

  18. Does District Forum exceeds the claim limit of Rs 20 lakhs. Explain the condition.

  19. Write a note on future environment of business.

  20. Explain the concept of Privatisation.

  21. Explain the meaning of Agreement to sell

  22. Distinguish between Negotiability and Assignability.

  23. Explain the promotional functions of entrepreneur.

  24. Who is a private entrepreneur?

  25. Expand the following: STEP, JAM, TREAD, M-SIPS, SEED, and New Gen IEDC.

  26. State condition stipulated for capital subscription at the time of promotion.

  27. When are alternative directors appointed?

  28. What do you understand by 'Poll'?


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