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Important 5 Mark Book Back Questions (New Syllabus 2020)

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 115

    Part A

    23 x 5 = 115
  1. Explain the principles of modern management.

  2. Explain the various disadvantages of MBO.

  3. What are the functions of Financial Markets?

  4. Differenciate between the Money Market and Capital Market

  5. Explain the functions of Stock Exchange.

  6. What are the functions of SEBI?

  7. Elaborate on the Managerial functions of Human Resource Management.

  8. Elaborate on the factors affecting recruitment.

  9. Explain the principles of placement

  10. How the market can be classified on the basis of Economics?

  11. What is Marketing?

  12. Describe the various strategies pursued in recent day's marketers.

  13. What are the needs for consumer protection?

  14. Explain the overall performance of State Commission.

  15. Describe the economic and socio cultural environment of business.

  16. Explain in detail the elements of Contract of sale.

  17. Mention the presumptions of Negotiable Instruments.

  18. How do you Classify entrepreneurs.

  19. Explain in detail on classification according to the type of business.

  20. Discuss the preparation of a project report.

  21. Write the difference between Share Certificate and Share Warrant.

  22. List the disqualification of a directors.

  23. Explain different types of open and secret types of voting.


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