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Sample 3 Mark Book Back Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 84

    Part A

    28 x 3 = 84
  1. Differentiate management from Administration.

  2. State the importance of Motivation.

  3. What are the process involved in MBO?

  4. Write a note on Secondary Market.

  5. Write a note on National Clearance and Depository System (NCDS).

  6. What are the features of Certificate of Deposit?

  7. Explain Bull and Bear.

  8. What is meant by Insiders trading?

  9. Give two points of differences between HR and HRM.

  10. What is the importance of job portals?

  11. Name the types of selection test

  12. Write down various steps in a training programme.

  13. Mention any three role of Marketer.

  14. What are the factors affecting Price of Product?

  15. Discuss the objectives E-Marketing

  16. Write the importance of consumerism.

  17. Define "Consumer Rights".

  18. Does District Forum exceeds the claim limit of Rs 20 lakhs. Explain the condition.

  19. State the framework of Corporate Governance in India.

  20. State any three impacts on Globalisation.

  21. Discuss in detail the rights of an unpaid seller against the buyer personally.

  22. Distinguish between Bill of Exchange & Promissory Note.

  23. Explain the promotional functions of entrepreneur.

  24. List down few examples of pure entrepreneurship.

  25. Write a short note on the following
    a) Dairy Entrepreneurship development scheme.
    b) Project report.

  26. State condition stipulated for capital subscription at the time of promotion.

  27. When are alternative directors appointed?

  28. What do you understand by 'Poll'?


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