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All Chapter 5 Marks

12th Standard

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Computer Applications

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Total Marks : 315
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  1. Explain in detail Process of Multimedia.

  2. Explain in detail Techniques of Animation.

  3. How Multimedia is used in Business systems?

  4. How Multimedia used in Libraries, Information centers and Archives? Explain

  5. Explain the tools in PageMaker toolbox.

  6. Write the steps to draw a star using polygon tool?

  7. What are the methods to unthread a threaded block? Explains.

  8. Write the steps to print a document

  9. List the basic concepts of ER Model with suitable example

  10. Write a note on open source software tools available in MySQL Administration.

  11. Explain the following
    1. Primary Key
    2. Foreign Key
    3. Candidate Key
    4. Super Key
    5. Composite key

  12. Tabulate the ER diagram notations

  13. Explain client side and server side scripting language.

  14. Discuss in detail about PHP data types.

  15. What are the three types of syntax in PHP? Explain them in detail.

  16. Explain Function concepts in PHP.

  17. Explain Indexed array and Associate array in PHP.

  18. Explain the Function of Conditional Statements in PHP.

  19. Explain if else statement in PHP. With an example.

  20. Write a PHP code to display the days of weak using switch statement

  21. Write a PHP program to display week days using switch case statement.

  22. Explain concepts of for loop with example

  23. Explain working of loops in array

  24. Discuss in detail about HTML form controls.

  25. Explain in detail of File handling functions.

  26. Explain file uploading method in PHP.

  27. Explain the Database error handling and management process in PHP?

  28. Explain MySQLi Queries with examples.

  29. Write a short note on paramet rs of mysqli_connect( ) function?

  30. Define computer networking and Internet. Explain different developments on computer network and Internet.

  31. Explain the growth of the computer networking

  32. What are the attributes of Social networking?

  33. Write in detail about The Interner Explosion?

  34. Difference between TCP/IP and OSI Reference Model.

  35. Explain about the development, merits and demerits in Mobile networks

  36. Explain in detailed about Third Generation of Mobile Networks.

  37. Write short notes on Fourth Generation of Mobile Networks.

  38. Classify and Explain the IP address.

  39. Explain about the name server?

  40. List the basic rules of Domain Name?

  41. Write a notes on Hierarchical name space?

  42. What is meant by Registered Jack? Explain briefly the types of Jacks.

  43. Explain about RJ45 connector.

  44. List the steps involved in Crimping process for making Ethernet cables

  45. List out the Benefits of Open Source Software

  46. Explain various Open Source License

  47. Explain in detail about network simulation tool - NS2

  48. Explain in detail about Open Source Software and Free Software. (or) Explain in detail about Open Source Software vs Free Software.

  49. Write about the development and growth of Electronic Commerce.

  50. List all the E-Commerce business models and explain any four briefly

  51. List out the Benefits of E-Commerce to a business organisation.

  52. What are the Limitations of E-Commerce

  53. Write a note on
    a. Internet banking
    b. Mobile banking

  54. Explain in detail : Unified payments interface

  55. Write in detail about the classification of smart cards

  56. Explain the advantages of UPI?

  57. Explain encryption technology.

  58. Briefly explain SSL.

  59. What are the subsets of Payment frauds?

  60. What is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks? Or What is network flooding?

  61. What are the advantages of EDI?

  62. Write about structure of EDIFACT.

  63. Draw the structure of UN/EDIFACT message


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