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All Chapter 3 Marks

12th Standard

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Computer Applications

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  1. Briefly explain about Multimedia Components.

  2. Describe the various file formats in multimedia.

  3. How Multimedia is used inMedical Services?

  4. How Multimedia is used in Multimedia Conferencing

  5. Write the use of any three tools in PageMaker along with symbols.

  6. How do you rejoin split blocks?

  7. Write the steps to Select Text using the mouse

  8. Write the steps to draw a line

  9. Explain on Evolution of DBMS.

  10. Write few commands used by DBA to control the entire database.

  11. What are the roles of Database administrator?

  12. What are the major the functions performed using SQL?

  13. Write the features of server side scripting language

  14. Write is the purpose of Web servers?

  15. Write the Characteristics of PHP.

  16. Write short note on. Var_dump( ) function with Example

  17. Write the features of built-in Functions.

  18. Differentiate user defined and system defined Functions.

  19. Write the rules for parameters.

  20. Write the advantages of functions.

  21. Write the features Conditional Statements in PHP.

  22. Write Short notes on Switch statement

  23. Write a PHP code to display "Have a nice weekend!" if the current day is Friday, otherwise it will output "Have a nice day!" using if-else statement.

  24. Write, a PHP program to display independenc day and republic day the greetings using If elseif else statement.

  25. Write the purpose of Looping Structure in PHP

  26. Write short notes on Do while Loop.

  27. Write a php program to display the string "Hello World" 5 times using "for loop".

  28. Draw the For loop Structure and Flow chart

  29. Write the purpose Get method and Post method.

  30. Differentiate Get and Post Method

  31. Explain briefly about fclose( ) function.

  32. Explain briefly about fwrite( ) function.

  33. Write the Syntax for MySQLi Queries.

  34. Write a note PHP MySQL database connection.

  35. Wha is MySQL?

  36. What is the main goal of MySQL and PHP connectivity?

  37. Define ARPANET

  38. What is meant by artificial Intelligence?

  39. What are the disadvantages of Using Internet?

  40. What is Data sharing?

  41. Write short notes on HTTP, HTTPS, FTP.

  42. Expand ARP, ICMP, SMTP and DNS.

  43. List some Applications of Extranet.

  44. Write a short notes on Second to Third Generation Bridge of Mobile Networks

  45. Differentiate Domain name and URL

  46. Differentiate web address and URL

  47. What are the fundamentals of URL?

  48. Write notes on Flat name Space?

  49. Write a note on crossover cables.

  50. Write a short note on RJ45 connector.

  51. Li Some Wired Media Help to connect computer with network.

  52. How to determine the type of Ethernet Cable?

  53. What are the uses of Open source Network Software?

  54. List out the Popular open source software.

  55. Write short note on Open-Source Software and Developers

  56. Benefits of Open Source software and tools

  57. Describe how E-Commerce is related to socio-technological changes.

  58. Write a note on physical product dispute of E-Commerce.

  59. Write short notes on web1.0, web2.0, web3.0.

  60. When a company is can be called E-business?

  61. Explain briefly Anatomy of a credit card

  62. Briefly explain the stored value card and its types.

  63. Define liquidation or clearing system or clearing service.

  64. What are the three widely used card based payment systems?

  65. List some E-Commerce Security Threats?

  66. Differentiate asymmetric and symmetric algorithms.

  67. Define E-commerce security.

  68. What is Cyber Squatting?

  69. List the various layers of EDI.

  70. Write a note on EDIFACT message.

  71. What is EDI interchange?

  72. What are the aspects to divide the EDI standard?


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