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All Chapter 2 Marks

12th Standard

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Computer Applications

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  1. Classify the TEXT component in multimedia

  2. List out Multimedia Production team members.

  3. What are the advantages of Vector Images?

  4. What is Multimedia Production Team?

  5. What is desktop publishing?

  6. Write about the Menu bar of PageMaker.

  7. Write the steps to show ruler in page maker

  8. Write the steps to hide ruler in page maker.

  9. Define Data Model and list the types of data model used.

  10. Which command is used to make permanent changes done by a transaction?

  11. What are the limitations of database?

  12. Write the types of SQL commands

  13. Give few examples of Web Browser?

  14. Is PHP a case sensitive language?

  15. Write the type of PHP syntax are available?

  16. Write a Basic Rules for Variable Declaration

  17. Define Array in PHP.

  18. Write array Syntax in PHP

  19. What is associative array?

  20. Define function calling?

  21. Define if...elseif....else Statement in PHP.

  22. Write the Syntax of Switch statement.

  23. How conditionalstatements perform?

  24. How SWitch statement and if statement differs?

  25. What is For each loop in PHP?

  26. Write Syntax of while loop in PHP.

  27. How "for loop" will execute?

  28. How "while loop" will execute?

  29. What is Form Validation in PHP?

  30. Define Browse button in HTML.

  31. What is the purpose of form validation?

  32. What are the methods to be used to upload data?

  33. What is Connection string?

  34. Define mysqli_affected_rows() Function.

  35. Expand RDBMS.

  36. What is MySQLi?

  37. Define Computer Network.

  38. Define Internet.

  39. List some Powerful search engines?

  40. Define Flame Wars.

  41. List out the benefits of WiFi

  42. Expand HTTP, HTTPS, FTP.

  43. What is mean by Network Protocol?

  44. Write short notes on Li-fi.

  45. What is a zone?

  46. Write any four generic Top Level Domain.

  47. What is domain?

  48. What is Zone?

  49. Write a note on the types of RJ45 connector.

  50. What is meant by champ connector?

  51. What is the use of UTP.

  52. What is the use of Single-mode cable?

  53. What is trace file?

  54. Write short note on Open NMS?

  55. What is the use of trace files?

  56. What is the purpose of NRCFOSS?

  57. Define E-Commerce.

  58. Differentiate tangible goods and electronic goods with example of your own.

  59. Mention the two types of G2G systems.

  60. What IS mean by FinTech Financial technology

  61. Define electronic payment system

  62. Distinguish micro electronic payment and macro electronic payment

  63. What is credit card payment system?

  64. Who developed Unified Payments Interface (UPI)?.

  65. List the different types of security technologies in E-Commerce

  66. Write about digital signature

  67. Who developed PGP? When?

  68. What is the purpose of 3D-Secure?

  69. List few types of business documents that are transmitted through EDI.

  70. What are the 4 major components of EDI?

  71. What are the types of EDI?

  72. Why EDIFACT subsets have developed?


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