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Model 3 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard

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Computer Applications

Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 69

    Part A

    23 x 3 = 69
  1. How Multimedia is used in Education?

  2. Write the steps to Select Text using the mouse

  3. What are the various options to save a document?

  4. Write hort note on Master Page

  5. Write a note on MySQL.

  6. What do you mean by Resources?

  7. Write the rules for parameters.

  8. Write a php program to check whether the given number is positive or negative.

  9. Draw the For loop Structure and Flow chart

  10. An HTML code to demonstrate From and For controls (Login form)

  11. Explain briefly about fwrite( ) function.

  12. What is the use of SQL statements in PHP?

  13. What is Resource Sharing?

  14. List some Applications of Internet.

  15. Write a short notes on Second to Third Generation Bridge of Mobile Networks

  16. Write a note on Country top-level domain names.

  17. How to determine the type of Ethernet Cable?

  18. Write some of the features of Open Source Hardware

  19. When a company is can be called E-business?

  20. List some popular macro on-line payment systems.

  21. What Is mean by E-cash?

  22. Define E-commerce security.

  23. What are the aspects to divide the EDI standard?


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