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Important 5 Mark Book Back Questions (New Syllabus 2020)

12th Standard

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Computer Applications

Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 90

    Part A

    18 x 5 = 90
  1. Explore the opportunities Animation filed movie industry.

  2. How can you convert text in a text block to a frame?

  3. Write a note on open source software tools available in MySQL Administration.

  4. Discuss in detail about PHP data types.

  5. Explain Array concepts and their types.

  6. Explain the if elseif else statement. With suitable example.

  7. Discuss in detail about For each loop.

  8. Discuss in detail about HTML form controls.

  9. Explain in details types of MySQL connection method in PHP.

  10. Mention some uses of network at business, home, mobile, social application

  11. Discuss about OSI model with its layers

  12. Explain briefly the components of DNS

  13. What is meant by Registered Jack? Explain briefly the types of Jacks.

  14. Differentiate Proprietary and open source software

  15. Explain any five E-Commerce revenue models.

  16. Write a note on
    a. Internet banking
    b. Mobile banking

  17. Differenticate digital signatures and digital certificates.

  18. Write about structure of EDIFACT.


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