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Model 5 Mark Book Back Questions (New Syllabus 2020)

12th Standard

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Computer Applications

Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 90

    Part A

    18 x 5 = 90
  1. Explain about different file formats in multimedia files.

  2. Write the steps to draw a star using polygon tool?

  3. Discuss on various database models available in DBMS.

  4. Explain client side and server side scripting language.

  5. Explain Function concepts in PHP.

  6. Explain the Function of Conditional Statements in PHP.

  7. Explain working of loops in array

  8. Explain concepts of HTTP Uploading process.

  9. Explain MySQLi Queries with examples.

  10. Explain the growth of the computer networking

  11. Discuss about OSI model with its layers

  12. Explain about the name server?

  13. Explain about RJ45 connector.

  14. Explain various Open Source License

  15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce to a consumer?

  16. Explain in detail : Unified payments interface

  17. Briefly explain SSL.

  18. What are the advantages of EDI?


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