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Sample 3 Mark Book Back Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

    Reg.No. :

Computer Science

Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 51

    Part A

    17 x 3 = 51
  1.  What is the side effect of impure function. Give example.

  2. What are the different ways to access the elements of a list. Give example

  3. Define Enclosed scope with an example

  4. What are the factors that influence time and space complexity

  5. Write short notes on Escape sequences with examples.

  6. Write the syntax of while loop.

  7. Write the basic rules for global keyword in python.

  8. Write a short about the followings with suitable example:
    (a) capitalize( )
    (b) swapcase( )

  9. What is the use of format( )? Give an example.

  10. Explain the difference between del and clear( ) in dictionary with an example.

  11. Write a class with two private class variables and print the sum using a method.

  12. What is the role of DBA?

  13. Write any three DDL commands.

  14. Write a note on open() function of python. What is the difference between the two methods?

  15. What is MinGW? What is its use?

  16. Mention the difference between fetchone() and fetchmany()

  17. Write the coding for the following:
    a. To check if PIP is Installed in your PC.
    b. To Check the version of PIP installed in your PC.
    c. To list the packages in matplotlib.


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