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Sample 5 Mark Book Back Questions (New Syllabus 2020)

12th Standard EM

    Reg.No. :

Computer Science

Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 80

    Part A

    16 x 5 = 80
  1. What are called Parameters and write a note on
    (i) Parameter without Type
    (ii) Parameter with Type

  2. What is a List? Why List can be called as Pairs. Explain with suitable example

  3. Explain the types of scopes for variable or LEGB rule with example.

  4. Discuss about Linear search algorithm

  5. Explain input() and print() functions with examples.

  6. Write a detail note on if..else..elif statement with suitable example.

  7. Explain the scope of variables with an example.

  8. Explain about string operators in python with suitable example.

  9. What is nested tuple? Explain with an example.

  10. Explain the different types of relationship mapping.

  11. Construct the following SQL statements in the student table-
    (i) SELECT statement using GROUP BY clause.
    (ii) SELECT statement using ORDER BY clause.

  12. Tabulate the different mode with its meaning.

  13. What is the purpose of sys,os,getopt module in Python.Explain

  14. Write in brief about SQLite and the steps used to use it.

  15. Consider the following table Supplier and item .Write a python script for (i) to (ii)

    Suppno Name City Icode SuppQty
    S001 Prasad Delhi 1008 100
    S002 Anu Bangalore 1010 200
    S003 Shahid Bangalore 1008 175
    S004 Akila Hydrabad 1005 195
    S005 Girish Hydrabad 1003 25
    S006 Shylaja Chennai 1008 180
    S007 Lavanya Mumbai 1005 325

    i) Display Name, City and Itemname of suppliers who do not reside in Delhi.
    ii) Increment the SuppQty of Akila by 40

  16. Explain the various buttons in a matplotlib window.


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