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All Chapter 3 Marks

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 144
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  1. Outline the major merits of capitalism.

  2. Distinguish between Capitalism and Globalism.

  3. Describe the three models of circular flow of income.

  4. Explain are the Demerits of Capitalism

  5. Give short note on Expenditure method

  6. List out the uses of national income

  7. What are the steps involved in income method?

  8. What are the items should be included while estimating national income through income method?

  9. Explain Keynes’ theory in the form of flow chart

  10. Explain about aggregate supply with the help of diagram.

  11. Give the factors on which the aggregate demand depends.

  12. Write a note of John Maynard Keynes

  13. State the propositions of Keynes’s Psychological Law of Consumption

  14. Specify the limitations of the multiplier.

  15. Specify the limitations of accelerator.

  16. Draw the diagram depicting the psychological law of consumption.

  17. Explain Demand-pull and Cost push inflation.

  18. Explain disinflation

  19. Explain the history of Barter System.

  20. Explain the primary function of money:

  21. Give a brief note on NBFI.

  22. Specify the functions of IFCI.

  23. General Utility Functions of RBI – Discuss.

  24. Discuss the Agency Functions of RBI.

  25. Write a brief note on flexible exchange rate.

  26. State the objectives of Foreign Direct Investment.

  27. General Utility Functions of RBI – Discuss.

  28. Mention the difference between FDI and FPI

  29. Mention any three lending programmes of IMF.

  30. State briefly the functions of SAARC.

  31. What are the Objectives of the IBRD?

  32. What are the achievements of World Bank?

  33. Mention any three similarities between public finance and private finance.

  34. Mention any three methods of redemption of public debt.

  35. Write any six principles of Federal Finance.

  36. Mention the Sources of revenue of municipalities.

  37. Explain different types of air pollution.

  38. What are the causes of water pollution?

  39. Define water pollution.

  40. What are the objectives of organic farming?

  41. How would you break the vicious circle of poverty?

  42. Distinguish between functional and structural planning.

  43. Classify the various countries on the basis of gross national.income (GNI) per capita?

  44. What are the Economics factors of determinants of economics development?

  45. What are the functions of Statistics?

  46. Find the Standard Deviation of the following data:14,22,9,15.20,17,12.11

  47. Write a note on CSO.

  48. What is NSSO?


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