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Important 2 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 62

    Part A

    31 x 2 = 62
  1. What is Mixed Economy?

  2. Mention any two limitations of macroeconomics

  3. Write a short note on Capital Gains.

  4. What are capital gains?

  5. Write a short note on Seasonal Unemployment

  6. Write a short note of induced investment?

  7. Increase in income always leads to an increase in both consumption and saving. – Explain.

  8. How do you calculate the value of multiplier?

  9. What are the two equations of Fisher's Quantity Theories of Money?

  10. Write a brief history of barter system.

  11. Write a note on Scarcity induced inflation.

  12. Explain the term “Demand for Money”

  13. Mention the names of Presidency Banks.

  14. Write a short meaning of Money market.

  15. What are the Free Trade theories ?

  16. Mention the dates of devaluation of Indian Rupee.

  17. Write a short notes on TRIMS.

  18. Write a brief note on “Compensatory Financing Facility”

  19. List the members of BRICS

  20. What are the Canons of Taxation?

  21. What is role of state on infrastructure?

  22. List the sources of external public debt of India

  23. Principle of Equity – Comment

  24. What do you mean sustainable development?

  25. What are the important causes of climate change?

  26. List the examples of Home E-Wastes.

  27. What is financial planning?

  28. Draw the The Vicious Circle of Poverty

  29. Comment – “Statistics and Education”

  30. Distinguish between simple and multiple correlation.

  31. List the Limitations of statistics.


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