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Important 3 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard

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    Part A

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  1. Draw the Circular flow of income in a three sector economy.

  2. Write the basis how Economies can be classified into different types

  3. Write down the some of the statistical problems?

  4. How the gross value of the farm output is obtained In India?

  5. Write a short note on effective demand?

  6. Aggregate Demand Function (ADF) – Explain

  7. Write the formula for APC, MPC, APS, MPS.

  8. Draw the diagram of consumption function.

  9. Draw the diagram of Multiplier in an economy.

  10. Explain the history of Barter System.

  11. Explain “The Keynes Equation” Keynes equation is expressed as:

  12. What are the Objectives of the ARDC.

  13. How does the IFCI provides assistance to the industrial?

  14. What are the general advantages of International Trade?

  15. Write a brief note on HO - Factor endowment model theorem

  16. Write a functions of WTO.

  17. List the important objectives of IMF

  18. Distinguish between IMF and World Bank

  19. What do you mean by Government subsidies?

  20. What are the objectives of Fiscal Policy?

  21. What are the main elements of a budget?

  22. Define water pollution.

  23. Discuss the Effects of Noise Pollution.

  24. List out the types of Planning.

  25. Explain the concept "economic development"

  26. Write note on MOSPI.

  27. State the types of correction on the basis of number of variables studied.


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