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Model 2 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 64

    Part A

    32 x 2 = 64
  1. Write any three merits of capitalism.

  2. Write a short note on firm sector of circular flow of national income.

  3. Write a short note on Capital Gains.

  4. Mention the factors included in PQLI

  5. Write the formula for aggregate supply?

  6. What is Technical Unemployment?

  7. Comment : “Self-Adjustment not Possible”

  8. Write any two long run factors which influencing marginal efficiency of capital?

  9. What are Subjective Factors?

  10. How can investment (I) = Saving (S) be a possible?

  11. Assume a consumption function of the form C = 200 + 0.8Y. Derive the saving function and write out the algebraic representation.

  12. Write any 3 causes of inflation?

  13. State the terms of “MV = PT”

  14. Compare and contrast fiat money and commodity money.

  15. What are the two credit measures of RBI?

  16. What are the All-India Level Institutions for industrial finance?

  17. What is an import control?

  18. How Modern theory of International Trade attributes international differences in comparative costs to?

  19. Mention the Similarities of Internal and International Trade.

  20. Write a short note on IBRD.

  21. Expand the term TRIPS and TRIMS

  22. What is the basic aim of SAARC organisation?

  23. What are the dissimilarities between private and public finance?

  24. What is budget?

  25. Write a note on Custom Duty

  26. Principle of Equity – Comment

  27. What are the types of noise pollution?

  28. List the examples of Private Sectors E-Wastes.

  29. Write any three non-economic factors

  30. List the Economic Factors of economic development.

  31. Comment – “Statistics and Education”

  32. Write an equation on :
    i) Statistics Regression,
    ii) Econometrics Regression


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