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Model 3 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 75

    Part A

    25 x 3 = 75
  1. What are the demerits of mixed economy?

  2. Draw the flow chart of Functioning of an Economy Based on Activities

  3. What is Per capita income?

  4. What is Output method? What is its major challenge?

  5. Explain how it might be possible for the unemployment rate to decline even though the number of unemployed is growing

  6. What are the economic costs of unemployment?

  7. Given the table, write the proposition for consumptions function (value in crores).

  8. Mention any five Determinants of Investment Function.

  9. What are the four measures of Money Supply?

  10. Write a note on paper currency standard

  11. What are the Objectives of the ARDC.

  12. Explain about Agricultural Refinance Development Corporation (ARDC).

  13. What are the Determinants of Exchange Rates?

  14. What are the major sectors benefitted from FDI in India?

  15. Specify the two achievements of BRICS.

  16. Mention any two objectives of SAARC.

  17. What are the types of budget?

  18. Bring out the sources of revenue of district boards.

  19. List the main principles of federal system of finance

  20. Present chart depicting public expenditure.

  21. What are the various sources of E-Wastes?

  22. Tabulate the details of short, medium and long term planning.

  23. Write a short note on former Indian Planning Commission.

  24. What are the divisions of NSSO?

  25. List any three difference between correlation and regression.


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