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Sample 3 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 72

    Part A

    24 x 3 = 72
  1. Bring out the functions of an economy with the help of flow chart.

  2. Indicate the demerits of Mixed Economy.

  3. What are the five types of final goods and services that GNP includes?

  4. How the gross value of the farm output is obtained In India?

  5. What are the components of aggregate supply?

  6. Comment - “Ex ante and Ex post in Says’ Law

  7. Given the table, write the proposition for consumptions function (value in crores).

  8. State Duesenberry hypothesis.

  9. What are the Contingent Functions?

  10. Explain “The Keynes Equation” Keynes equation is expressed as:

  11. Discuss the Primary Functions.

  12. Write a brief note on “The First Rupee”

  13. List the assumption of Comparative advantage theory of international trade.

  14. List the “Role of a state” according to mercantilists?

  15. Mention any two objectives of SAARC.

  16. Explain the achievements of WTO.

  17. What are the sources of revenue of Municipalities?

  18. What are the objectives of Fiscal Policy?

  19. Present chart depicting public expenditure.

  20. Explain the Causes of Noise Pollution

  21. What are the main objectives of planning in India?

  22. Write short note on second five year plan

  23. Explain the correlation based on the direction of change of variables.

  24. Draw the various kinds of scatter diagram.


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