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12th Standard English Medium Commerce Reduced Syllabus Creative Two mark Question with Answer key - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 100

    Part A

    50 x 2 = 100
  1. What is unity of direction?

  2. What are the functional area of management?

  3. What is unity of command?

  4. What are the three jobs of management?

  5. What is meant by Management process?

  6. What are the twin purposes of the management process?

  7. "Look before you Leap is the proverb. Which function of management is highlighted here

  8. 'Planning is done for achieving the organisational goals'. Do you agree? Give one reason in support your answer.

  9. Is directing necessary at planning stage? Give reason in support of your answer.

  10. How are organisational objectives framed?

  11. Who popularise MBO?

  12.  What is money market?

  13. Define capital market.

  14. What is public issue?

  15. What is SEBI?

  16. Who are the issuers of certificate of deposits?

  17. Who are the subscribers of certificate of deposits?

  18. What do you mean be money market?

  19. What do you mean by certificate of deposits?

  20. What is Commercial bills?

  21. What is Sensex?

  22. Define the term Human Resource.

  23. What is job rotation?

  24. What is Unsolicitated applicants?

  25. What are the reasons behind recruitment?

  26. What is judgment test?

  27. What is reference check?

  28. What is final interview?

  29. What is apprenticeship training?

  30. What is conference method?

  31. Definition of market.

  32. What is unregulated market?

  33. What is the meaning of marketer?

  34. Define Price

  35. What is commodity exchanges?

  36. What is content marketing?

  37. Write a note on 'Artificial Scarcity'.

  38. How did Mahatma Gandhi explain the consumer?

  39. What is external environment?

  40. What do you mean by Globalization?

  41. Definition of Negotiable Instrument.

  42. Definition of promissory note.

  43. What are the Significance of general crossing?

  44. What do you mean by entrepreneurship?

  45. What is classical entrepreneur?

  46. Write a note on Arrangement of finance.

  47. Definition of Body corporate.

  48. What is share certificate?

  49. What do you mean by first Director?

  50. Definition of company secretary.


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