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12th Standard English Medium Commerce Reduced Syllabus Two mark Important Questions - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 100

    Part A

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  1. Who is a manager?

  2. What do you mean by Span of management?

  3. What is meant by Motivation?

  4. Define - MBO

  5. Mention any two advantages of MBO.

  6. Write a note on financial market.

  7. Write a note on OTCEI.

  8. What is a CD market?

  9. Explain the two oldest money markets.

  10. What is meant Stock Exchange?

  11. What is meant by Remisier?

  12. Mention the Recent Development in Stock Exchange.

  13. Write any two objectives of SEBI.

  14. State two features of HRM.

  15. What is promotion?

  16. What is an interview?

  17. What do you mean by test?

  18. What is Mentoring training method?

  19. Define Marketer

  20. Mention any four differences between Wholesale Market and Retail market?

  21. Give any two internal factors affecting the price of product / service

  22. What is green marketing?

  23. Define E-Marketing

  24. Define Consumerism.

  25. What is Caveat Venditor?

  26. What are the rights of consumer according to John F. Kennedy?

  27. What do you know about National Commission?

  28. What is an term District Forum?

  29. Give the meaning of corporate governance.

  30. Expand VUCA.

  31. What is Privatisation?

  32. Name the industries which are reserved for public sector.

  33. List down the essential elements of a contract of sale.

  34. What is a Contingent Goods?

  35. Define Bill of Exchange.

  36. What is meant by a cheque?

  37. Mention any two characteristics of entrepreneurs

  38. List down the promotional functions of entrepreneurs.

  39. List the challenges faced by the women entrepreneurs

  40. What is the other name of business entrepreneur?

  41. Who are agricultural entrepreneur?

  42. State any three entrepreneurial development schemes of Government of TamilNadu.

  43. List down the two types of finance for Entrepreneur.

  44. Who is called as Promoters?

  45. What do you understand by Preference Share?

  46. What is Right Shares?

  47. Name the companies required to appoint KMP.

  48. Who is called as Managing Director?

  49. What is Resolution?


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