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12th Standard English Medium Computer Applications Reduced Syllabus Two mark Important Questions - 2021(Public Exam)

12th Standard

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Computer Applications

Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100

    Part A

    50 x 2 = 100
  1. List out Multimedia Components

  2. Classify the IMAGE component in multimedia

  3. List out video file formats.

  4. List out Multimedia Production team members.

  5. Give some examples of DTP software.

  6. How do you create a New document in PageMaker?

  7. Differentiate Ellipse tool from Ellipse frame tool.

  8. What is threading text?

  9. List few disadvantages of file processing system.

  10. What are the ACID properties?

  11. What is view in SQL?

  12. What is Webserver?

  13. Give few examples of Web Browser?

  14. How to declare variables in PHP?

  15. Define User defined Function.

  16. Write the Syntax to define Function in PHP.

  17. List out the types of array in PHP.

  18. Define if statement in PHP.

  19. List out Conditional Statements in PHP.

  20. Write the usage of Switch Statement in PHP.

  21. Define for loop in PHP.

  22. Write Syntax of For loop in PHP.

  23. Compare For loop and for each loop.

  24. Define for Form Handling method in PHP.

  25. Write Syntax of Text box in HTML.

  26. Compare Text box and Text Area.

  27. What is MySQLi function?

  28. Give few examples of MySQLi Queries.

  29. What is mysqli_fetch_assoc() Function?

  30. Define Internet.

  31. Difference between wired and wireless networks.

  32. Define Intranet

  33. Expand HTTP, HTTPS, FTP.

  34. What is an IP address?

  35. What are the types of URL?

  36. What are the categories available in domain name space?

  37. What are the uses of USB cables?

  38. What is an Ethernet port?

  39. What are the types of twisted pair cables?

  40. What is meant by network simulator?

  41. Explain NRCFOSS

  42. Define E-Commerce.

  43. What is dotcom bubble and dotcom burst?

  44. Distinguish micro electronic payment and macro electronic payment

  45. Advantages of unified payments interface?

  46. Write about information leakage in E-Commerce

  47. Define non-repudiation.

  48. Write about digital signature

  49. List few types of business documents that are transmitted through EDI.

  50. What is meant by directories in EDIFACT?


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