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12th Standard English Medium Computer Science Reduced syllabus Creative Five Mark Question with Answer key - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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Computer Science

Time : 02:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 125

    5 Marks(Creative)

    25 x 5 = 125
  1. Explain the representation of Abstract datatype using rational numbers.

  2. Explain the concept access control.

  3. Define efficiency of an algorithm? How the efficiency of an algorithm was determined?

  4. Explain the sorting algorithm that uses n-1 number passes to get the final sorted list.

  5. Explain Jump statement in python.

  6. Write a program in python to display he following output.
    2 2
    3 3 3
    4 4 4 4
    5 5 5 5 5

  7. Explain different types arguments used in python with an example.

  8. Write a python program to find Fibonacci series of n terms using recursion.

  9. How will you access elements of a list using for loop? Explain with an example.

  10. Explain remove (), pop () and clear () used in list with an example.

  11. Explain the detail about some important list function with an example.
    (i) copy ()
    (ii) count ()
    (iii) index ()
    (iv) reverse ()

  12. Write a python program to read marks of six subjects and to print the marks scored in each subject and show the total marks.

  13. Write a program to generate in the Fibonacci series and store it in a list. Then find the sum of all values.

  14. Write a program that has a list of positive and negative numbers. Create a new tuple that has only positive numbers from the list.

  15. Write a program that generate a set of prime numbers and another set of even numbers. Demonstrate the result of union. intersection. difference and symmetric difference operations.

  16. Write a program to calculate area and circumference of a circle.

  17. Write a program to store product and its cost price. Display all the available products and prompt to enter quantity of all the products. Finally generate a bill which displays the total amount to be paid.

  18. Explain the components of DBMS.

  19. Explain ALTER command in detail.

  20. Explain TCL commands in detail.

  21. Write a program to read a specific column in a CSV file.

  22. Write a program to read CSV file with user Defined Delimiter into a Dictionary.

  23. How will you write Dictionary into CSV file with custom dialects?

  24. Write a python program to execute the following C++ program.
    /*. To check whether the number is palindrome or not using while Ioop.*/
    // Now select File →New in Notepad and type the C++ program
    #include < iostream >
    using namespace std;
    intmain ( )
    int n, num, digit, rev = 0;
    cout<<  "Enter a positive number: ";
    cin >>num;
    n= num;
    {digit = num % 10;
    rev = (rev * 10) + digit;
    num = num / 10; }
    cout<< "The reverse of the number is: " << rev <<endl;
    if(n == rev)
    cout< < "The number is a palindrome";
    cout << "The number is not a palindrome";
    return 0;
    // Save this file as pali_cpp.cpp

  25. Write s python code to display to following plot.


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