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12th Standard English Medium Computer Science Reduced syllabus Creative Two Mark Question with Answer key - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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Computer Science

Time : 02:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100

    2 Marks(Creative)

    50 x 2 = 100
  1. Differentiate parameters and arguments.

  2. What is recursive function?

  3. How the concrete level of data abstraction implemented?

  4. How a class defines a data abstraction?

  5. What is the use ofLEGB rule?

  6. What is modular programming?

  7. What in algorithmic strategy? Give an example.

  8. What is algorithm analysis?

  9. What is algorithmetic strategy?

  10. How the interactive mode of Python shell can be used as simple calculator?

  11. How will you invoke python IDLE?

  12. Why the following statement is incorrect? Give reason.

  13. Find the odd man out? Give reason.
    (i) sum = 100
    (ii) regno = 12401
    (iii) name = "Kannan"
    (iv) name = "Kumar"

  14. Name any four keywords in Python.

  15. Assume the value of a = 100 and b = 75. Evaluate the following expression.
    (i) a==b
    (ii) a!=b
    (iii) a//b
    (iv) a>=b

  16. Name the types of Numeric literals in python.

  17. What are keywords?

  18. Write a program in python to check if the accepted number us even or odd (use alternate method of if-else).

  19. What are the two types of looping construct in python?

  20. Write the syntax of for loop.

  21. Write a python program to find the sum of even numbers between 1 and 10.

  22. Write the syntax how break statement used in for loop.

  23. Write the syntax how break statement used in while loop.

  24. How the nested block are indented?

  25. Differentiate parameters and arguments.

  26. Write the syntax of variable - length arguments.

  27. How the value returned from lambda function?

  28. Write a note on return statement syntax.

  29. Write the output for the following if strl = "THIRIKKURAL"
    (i) print (strl [0])
    (ii) print (strl [0:5])
    (ill) print (strl [:5])
    (iv) Print (strl [6:])

  30. if strl = "Welcome to learn python", then write the output for the following.
    (i) print (strl [10 : 16])
    (ii) print (strl [10 : 16: 4])
    (iii) print (strl [10: 16: 2])
    (iv) print (strl [: : 3])

  31. Differentiate lower () and is lower ().

  32. What is the use of title () function? Give example.

  33. Write a program to display element in a list ("Physics' ,"Chemistry", "Biology") using loop to get the output

  34. How will you insert elements in a list? Write the syntax.

  35. State the working of pop () and clear () function.

  36. Give an example of joining two tuples.

  37. Write the syntax for the following
    (i) Creating objects
    (ii) Accessing class members

  38. Write a program in python that illustrate the use of constructor.

  39. Differentiate data and itiformation.

  40. What is E F Codd rules?

  41. What is RDBMS?

  42. List the SQL DDL commands .Explain each.

  43. List the SQL DML commands.

  44. Explain the following SQL TCL commands.
    (i) Commit
    (ii) Roll back
    (iii) Save point

  45. Write the syntax of SELECT command for getting the desired result from the table.

  46. Write the syntax of ORDER by clause used in SELECT command.

  47. How the CSV file operation takes place in python?

  48. Why python has a garbage collector?

  49. Differentiate writer ( ) and writerow ( )method.

  50. What are used a dictionary keys?


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