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12th Standard English Medium Computer Science Reduced Syllabus Two Mark important Questions - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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Computer Science

Time : 02:40:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100

    2 Marks

    50 x 2 = 100
  1. Define Function with respect to Programming language.

  2. Differentiate constructors and selectors.

  3. Write a pseudocode to depressant rational numbers using list.

  4. What is a scope?

  5. What is the use ofLEGB rule?

  6. What is Sorting?

  7. What is algorithmic solution?

  8. Name the two factors, which decide the efficiency of an algorithm.

  9. What are the different operators that can be used in Python ?

  10. How the interactive mode of Python shell can be used as simple calculator?

  11. Write the Syntax of using print () in python.

  12. What are the uses of logical operator? Name the operators.

  13. Write note on break statement.

  14. Write a program in python to check if the accepted number even or odd.
    a = int(input("Enter any number:"))
    if a%2==0:
    print (a, "is an even number")
    print (a, "is an odd number")

  15. Write a python. program to calculate the sum of numbers between. 1 and 100.

  16. What are the main advantages of function?

  17. What is base condition in recursive function

  18. How the nested block are indented?

  19. What are called tuples?

  20. Write the output for the following if strl = "THIRIKKURAL"
    (i) print (strl [0])
    (ii) print (strl [0:5])
    (ill) print (strl [:5])
    (iv) Print (strl [6:])

  21. Write the general format of slice operation.

  22. if strl = "Welcome to learn python", then write the output for the following.
    (i) print (strl [10 : 16])
    (ii) print (strl [10 : 16: 4])
    (iii) print (strl [10: 16: 2])
    (iv) print (strl [: : 3])

  23. Differentiate lower () and is lower ().

  24. Differentiate del with remove( ) function of List.

  25. Write a program to print all elements in the list using reverse, indexing.

  26. What is Tuple in python?

  27. Write a short note on dictionary.

  28. How will you create constructor in Python?

  29. Differentiate data and itiformation.

  30. Write a note on
    (i) SELECT Operation
    (ii) PROJECT Operation

  31. Differentiate Unique and Primary Key constraint

  32. Which component of SQL lets insert values in tables and which lets to create a table?

  33. Define Data Manipulation Language.

  34. Write the workina of the following commands
    (i) Truncate
    (ii) Delete
    (ill) Revoke

  35. How will you include aggregate function on the group created in a table using GROUP BY clause?

  36. Mention the default modes of the File.

  37. Differentiate text mode and binary mode.

  38. Write a note is register dialect ( ) method?

  39. Differentiate sort( ) and sorted ( ).

  40. What is called modification?

  41. What are the line terminator accepted by python CSV module?

  42. Write the expansion of (i) SWIG (ii) MinGW

  43. What is the use of cd command. Give an example.

  44. What is garbage collection in python?

  45. Write the syntax and example of
    (i) os.system ( ) 
    (ii) getopt ( )

  46. What is master table?

  47. Write a note or cursor. description.

  48. How the SQL DISTINCT class is helpful to you?

  49. Write the difference between the following functions: plt.plot([1,2,3,4]), plt.plot([1,2,3,4], [1,4,9,16]).

  50. What is Infographics data visualization?


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