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12th Standard English Medium Computer Science Reduced Syllabus Two Mark important Questions With Answer Key - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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Computer Science

Time : 02:40:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100

    2 Marks

    50 x 2 = 100
  1. Differentiate interface and implementation

  2. Give an example of function definition parameter with type

  3. Construct on algorithm that arranges meetings between these two types so that they change their color to the third type. In the end, all should display the same color.

  4. How the concrete level of data abstraction implemented?

  5. Write a pseudocode to depressant rational numbers using list.

  6. What is Mapping?

  7. What is the use ofLEGB rule?

  8. Write the output of the following program
    Entire Program
     print a
    Disp ()

  9. Write the output of the following program
     Disp 1():
             print a
     Disp 1():
     print a

  10. What is searching? Write its types.

  11. What is best algorithm?

  12. Write a note on Big omega asymptotic notation

  13. What are the different operators that can be used in Python ?

  14. How will you know the python IDLE working in interactive mode?

  15. Why the following statement is incorrect? Give reason.

  16. Name the tokens where the whitespace in necessary in python.

  17. What are the uses of logical operator? Name the operators.

  18. Write note on break statement.

  19. Define control structure.

  20. Write a program in python to check if the accepted number even or odd.
    a = int(input("Enter any number:"))
    if a%2==0:
    print (a, "is an even number")
    print (a, "is an odd number")

  21. What are the two types of looping construct in python?

  22. What will the output of the following program?
    for i in range (1,9, 2):
    print (i, end =' ')
    print (")n. End of the loop")

  23. Write the syntax how break statement used in for loop.

  24. What will the output the following
    for w in "school"?
    If w = = '0':
    print (w)

  25. What are the methods used to parse the arguments to the variable length arguments?

  26. What are called tuples?

  27. Write a note on return statement syntax.

  28. How will you delete a string in Python?

  29. Write the general format of slice operation.

  30. What has to be filled in the blank to get the following output
    (i) Welcome python
    (ii) Welcome to learn python From
    (a) print ("Welcome" ____ "Python") strl = "Welcome"
    (b) print (Strl ____ "to learn python")

  31. if strl = "Welcome to learn python", then write the output for the following.
    (i) print (strl [10 : 16])
    (ii) print (strl [10 : 16: 4])
    (iii) print (strl [10: 16: 2])
    (iv) print (strl [: : 3])

  32. Differentiate lower () and is lower ().

  33. What is the use of title () function? Give example.

  34. What will be the value of x in following python code?

  35. Write the syntax of using for keyword to access all elements in the list. Pg 136 x 9

  36. Write the syntax of defining tuple.

  37. Write the output.
    A = {'A', 2, 4, 'D'}
    B = {'A' , 'B' , 'C' 'D'}
    print (A | B)
    print (A & B)
    print (A - B)
    print (A ^ B)

  38. How will you create constructor in Python?

  39. Write a program in python that illustrate the use of constructor.

  40. Write the difference between table constraint and column constraint?

  41. Define TCL.

  42. Write the syntax of ORDER by clause used in SELECT command.

  43. What is CSV File?

  44. How will you sort more than one column from a csv file?Give an example statement.

  45. What take the three models in which CSV file can be opened?

  46. Differentiate compiler and interpreter

  47. What is the use of modules?

  48. Which method is used to connect a database? Give an example.

  49. Write the command to populate record in a table. Give an example.

  50. How will you install Matplotlib?


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