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12th Standard English Medium Economics Reduced Syllabus Creative Two Mark Question with Answerkey - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 100


    2 Marks(Creative)

    50 x 2 = 100
  1. What is Mixed Economy?

  2. Write down the countries that have capitalistic, economy.

  3. Write the equation for Four-sector economy.

  4. What is Globalisation?

  5. Mention any two limitations of macroeconomics

  6. Expand the given equation :Y = C + I + G + (X-M).

  7. Draw the chart depicting various systems of economy

  8. Write the formula for calculating NDP.

  9. What is GDP? Write the formula.

  10. Write a short note on Capital Gains.

  11. What is Gross Domestic Product?

  12. Compare and contrast the terms nominal GDP and real GDP.

  13. Write a short note about Keynes theory?

  14. What is Aggregate demand?

  15. Comment : “Self-Adjustment not Possible”

  16. What are the types of investment?

  17. What do you mean by investment?

  18. What is leakages of multiplier?

  19. Write the formulas of APC, MPC, APS and MPS

  20. Increase in income always leads to an increase in both consumption and saving. – Explain.

  21. Objective Factors – Define.

  22. What is the Meaning of Marginal Efficiency of Capital (MEC)?

  23. “Super Multiplier” – Define.

  24. Compare and contrast the MPC and the MPS. Also explain what these two figures must always add up to.

  25. Explain how the following two equations can both be true: Multiplierk = 1/MPS Multiplier k = 1/1-MPC.

  26. What is creeping inflation?

  27. What is Narrow money?

  28. Write a short note on currency symbol in India

  29. What is Recovery?

  30. Write about Money as a Means of Transferring Purchasing Power in short.

  31. What are the other names for M1, M2, M3 nd M4 Money?

  32. Express the terms of Marshall’s Equation.

  33. Present the version of Keynes extended equation.

  34. Draw the diagram of inflation on the basis of speed.

  35. What is “Wage-Price Spiral”?

  36. What is deflation?

  37. Compare and contrast fiat money and commodity money.

  38. Answer the questions below using the following information:
    All figures are in billions of dollars.

    Currency held outside banks Rs.800
    Demand Deposits 1000
    Traveler's Checks 100
    Other checkable deposits 200
    Savings accounts 300
    Money market accounts 100
    Other near monies 200

    a. What is the value of M1?
    b. What is the value of M2?

  39. Explain the term “Demand for Money”

  40. What is variable portfolio ceiling?

  41. In which year the state financial corporation was started?

  42. What is “Banking Ombudsman Scheme”

  43. List the frequent methods of credit control under selective method.

  44. Write a brief note on Demonetisation of 2016.

  45. Differential in short – NEFT and RTGS.

  46. What are the types Trade?

  47. What are the other names of international trade?

  48. List the assumption of Adam smith trade theory.

  49. How Modern theory of International Trade attributes international differences in comparative costs to?

  50. Define - Favourable BOT


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