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12th Standard English medium History Reduced Syllabus Two Mark Important Questions with Answer key - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 100


    2 Marks

    50 x 2 = 100
  1. Write a note on Indigo revolt?

  2. Discuss the importance of Illbert Bill.

  3. Highlight the contribution of missionaries tomodern education.

  4. In which way Rabindranath Tagore Construct Swadeshi

  5. How V.O.C purchased two steamships?

  6. Why Home Rule Movement Decline?

  7. How was the visit of Prince of Wales to India received?

  8. Why was the Rowlatt Act opposed by the nationalists?

  9. What do you know of the Mahad Satyagraha launched by Dr. Ambedkhar.

  10. Write about Udham Singh

  11. For what reason Khilafat movement started?

  12. What is an aim of Mount batten's arraival to India?

  13. What is the importance of Lahore resolution?

  14. Why did the talks at Simla Conference break down.

  15. How did Captain Mohan Singh organise the INA?

  16. Briefly discuss oil Karachi session (March 1931).

  17. What are all the states recommended by States Reorganisation Commission?

  18. what are the steps taken by government to overcome food shortage?

  19. Name the amendments against the Zamindars?

  20. What are the aims of tenancy reform legislation?

  21. Write about the Medici family in Florence.

  22. Point out the outcome of Diet of Worms.

  23. What purpose did the Star Chamber serve and why was it called so ?

  24. What is meant by Eucharist?

  25. What do you know about the Boston Tea Party?

  26. Point out the importance of the battle of Saratoga.

  27. Discuss the three Estates of the ancien regime.

  28. What was the background for the Peterloo Massacre?

  29. How did the harbours promoted sea-borne trade?

  30. What is meant by Seven Years' War?

  31. What is meant by Emigres?

  32.  Why is the period between June 24 and 26, 1848 considered the bloody June days?

  33. Explain Poor Laws.

  34.  Highlight the contribution of Carbonari to the unification of Italy.

  35. What do you know of the Gilded Age?

  36. Highlight the outcome of the Balkan crisis.

  37.  What is Nihilism?

  38. What was the Third Reich?

  39. Name the leading powers ofthe industrial revolution in Europe?

  40. Write the nine states that oppose the central powers?

  41. Why did Germany withdraw from the League of Nations in 1933?

  42. Highlight the importance of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour.

  43. Write about the Boedi Oetomo and point out the reason for its failure.

  44. Assess the significance of the Cavite uprising.

  45. How did the Versailles treaty established?

  46. How the primary colonial institutions were firmly established?

  47. Point out the significance of the “Uniting for Peace” resolution passed by the UN General Assembly.

  48. Provide examples of Surrogate Wars in the cold war era.

  49. What was Schuman Plan?

  50. Name the countries joined in Brussels Treaty Powers.


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