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12th Standard English Medium Physics Economics Syllabus Three Mark Important Questions with Answer key - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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Time : 02:35:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 75


    3 Marks

    25 x 3 = 75
  1. State the importance of Macro Economics

  2. Indicate the demerits of socialism

  3. What is the solution to the problem of double counting in the estimation of national

  4. List out the uses of national income

  5. Compare and contrast different measures of GDP calculations

  6. According to classical theory of employment, how wage reduction solve the problem of unemployment diagramatically explain.

  7. Explain Keynes’ theory in the form of flow chart

  8. Write any five differences between classism and Keynesianism.

  9. Mention the differences between accelerator and multiplier effect 

  10. Specify the limitations of the multiplier.

  11. Write a note on metallic money

  12. Explain Demand-pull and Cost push inflation.

  13. Explain disinflation

  14. Write the mechanism of credit creation by commercial banks.

  15. What are the functions of NABARD?

  16. Specify the functions of IFCI.

  17. Describe the subject matter of International Economics.

  18. Distinguish between Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments.

  19. State the objectives of Foreign Direct Investment.

  20. State briefly the functions of SAARC.

  21. Mention any three methods of redemption of public debt.

  22. State the meaning of e-waste.

  23. Write a note on
    a) Climate change and
    b) Acid rain

  24. Elucidate major causes of vicious circle of poverty with diagram

  25. What are the functions NITI Aayog


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