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All Chapter 5 Marks

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 150
    Answer All The Following Question:
    30 x 5 = 150
  1. Discuss the impact of Western education on Indian Middle Class, highlighting the latter’s role in reforming and regenerating Indian Society.

  2. To what extent the repressive and racist policy measures of the British were responsible for the national awakening in India.

  3. Evaluate the contributions of Lal-Bal-Pal triumvirate to Indian National Movement.

  4. Attempt an account of Swadshi movement in Tamilnadu.

  5. Highlight the important provisions of Lucknow Pact.

  6. Narrate the work done by two Home RuleMovements one under Tilak and anotherunder Annie Besant.

  7. In what way was the Civil Disobedient Movement different from Non-cooperation Movement?

  8. Estimate the role of Mahathma Gandhi in the Indian Freedom Struggle.

  9. Write an account of the industrialdevelopment in colonial India during 1919-1939.

  10. Examine the importance of Karachi sessionof India National Congress in articulating thesocio-economic political aspirations, underthe pressure of Great Depression.

  11. Trace the origin and growth of communalism in British India.

  12. Hindu nationalism, Muslim nationalism andIndian nationalism were equally responsiblefor the partition of the country. How?

  13. Write a paragraph about the Rajaji Formula.

  14. Why is the Royal Indian Revolt considereda glorious chapter in the history of Indian National Movement?

  15. Trace the different stages in the reorganization of Indian States from 1920 to 1956.

  16. What were the basic principles of India’sforeign policy? What role did Prime ministerNehru in organizing the Afro-Asian countries into a non-aligned movement.

  17. Highlight the measures adopted by theGovernment of India towards rural reconstruction.

  18. Assess the educational progress made inindependent India.

  19. Attempt a comprehensive account of the evolution of England, France and Spain as nation-states.

  20. Explain the initiatives of Portugal and Spain in the discovery of new sea routes to the East and point out why it is considered as an important event in the economic history of modern world.

  21. American Revolution and French Revolution inspired the revolution in Haiti. Substantiate.

  22. Why did Industrial revolution start in England first? What impact did it make on modern society?

  23. Discuss the political fallout of French Revolutions of 1848 in other parts of Europe.

  24. How was the unification of Italy achieved?

  25. The Treaty of Versailles was harsh and humiliating for Germany. Substantiate the statement.

  26. Describe the circumstances that favoured Mussolini and Hitler to establish fascist governments in Italy and Germany respectively.

  27. Describe Mao Tse Tung’s contribution to the establishment of Communist government in China.

  28. Make a comparative analysis of common and varying features in the liberation struggles of Indonesia and Philippines.

  29. Discuss the origin of Arab-Israeli conflict and show how subsequent developments caused a major war between the two in 1967.

  30. Sketch the political career of Boris Yetlsin, focusing on his role in the collapse of Soviet Union.


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