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12th Standard

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    Answer All The Following Question:
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  1. What do you know of the Madras visit of the chairman of Indian Reform Society in 1853?

  2. Point out the role played by press in creating nationalist consciousness in British India.

  3. Explain the reasons for the spurt in individual acts of violence during the Swadeshi movement.

  4. Highlight the methods used by samitis for mass mobilization.

  5. Discuss the twin objectives of the Home Rule League?

  6. What were the demands of the Khilafat Movement presented to the Paris peace conference held in March 1920?

  7. “The leaders of the non-Brahman movement were using the same tactics as the early nationalist in dealing with the colonial government.” Elaborate.

  8. Why was the Congress banned in the aftermath of the unsuccessful conclusion of three round table conferences?

  9. Write a short note on TISCO.

  10. Write about the contribution of Singaraveluto the promotion of trade unionism in SouthIndia.

  11. Write a note on Gaurakshini Sabhas.

  12. What were the demands put forth byMuslim under the leadership of Aga Khan.

  13. State the main features of August Offer.

  14. How did Captain Mohan Singh organise the INA?

  15. What do you know of Instrument of Accession?

  16. What is the significance of article 370 of the Constitution?

  17. What were the immediate tasks before the new government headed by Jawaharlal Nehru?

  18. Write about the Bhoodan movement.

  19. Bring out the negative outcome of Commercial Revolution.

  20. Write about the voyage of Columbus in 1492.

  21. Discuss the important provisions of the Treaty of Paris signed in 1783.

  22. Trace the circumstances in which Brazil became the first constitutional monarchy in South America.

  23. Enumerate the reasons for not Italy and Germany emerging as nation states along with England and France.

  24.  Discuss the measures adopted by Paris Commune in the interests of the poor and the working class.

  25. How did the first Moroccan crisis happen?

  26. How was Trench Warfare fought?

  27. Allied bombing of Germany became a symbol of terror bombing campaign. Elucidate.

  28. Estimate the contribution of Sukarno to the independence of Indonesia.

  29. Warsaw Pact was a response of the Soviet Union to the US controlled NATO-Explain.

  30. Trace the background of the formation of NATO.


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