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12th Standard

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    Part A

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  1. To what extent the repressive and racist policy measures of the British were responsible for the national awakening in India.

  2. Attempt an account of Swadshi movement in Tamilnadu.

  3. Narrate the work done by two Home RuleMovements one under Tilak and anotherunder Annie Besant.

  4. Sketch the educational career of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar with particular focus on his activism to secure social justice to the depressed classes?

  5. Write an account of the industrialdevelopment in colonial India during 1919-1939.

  6. How did the divide and rule policy of theBritish impact on Indian nationalism?

  7. Why is the Royal Indian Revolt considereda glorious chapter in the history of Indian National Movement?

  8. Trace the different stages in the reorganization of Indian States from 1920 to 1956.

  9. Land reforms failed in their intendedobjectives. Explain why?

  10. Attempt a comprehensive account of the evolution of England, France and Spain as nation-states.

  11. Sketch the course of French Revolution from the storming of Bastille to the execution of Robespierre.

  12. Discuss the political fallout of French Revolutions of 1848 in other parts of Europe.

  13.  “Marx supplied sparks and Lenin lit the fire”- Elucidate.

  14. Describe Mao Tse Tung’s contribution to the establishment of Communist government in China.

  15. In disputes involving the permanent members of the Security Council, the UNO was a mute spectator. Elucidate this statement from the cold war period experiences.


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