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Model 5 Mark Book Back Questions (New Syllabus 2020)

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 75

    Part A

    15 x 5 = 75
  1. To what extent the repressive and racist policy measures of the British were responsible for the national awakening in India.

  2. Attempt an account of Swadshi movement in Tamilnadu.

  3. Narrate the work done by two Home RuleMovements one under Tilak and anotherunder Annie Besant.

  4. Discuss the context of launching of the Non-Cooperation movement and its outcome.

  5. Write an account of the industrialdevelopment in colonial India during 1919-1939.

  6. Trace the origin and growth of communalism in British India.

  7. Write a paragraph about the Rajaji Formula.

  8. Trace the different stages in the reorganization of Indian States from 1920 to 1956.

  9. Land reforms failed in their intendedobjectives. Explain why?

  10. Explain the initiatives of Portugal and Spain in the discovery of new sea routes to the East and point out why it is considered as an important event in the economic history of modern world.

  11. Sketch the course of French Revolution from the storming of Bastille to the execution of Robespierre.

  12.  Identify the important collectivist thinkers of nineteenth century and highlight their contributions to Socialism.

  13.  “Marx supplied sparks and Lenin lit the fire”- Elucidate.

  14. Make a comparative analysis of common and varying features in the liberation struggles of Indonesia and Philippines.

  15. Discuss the origin of Arab-Israeli conflict and show how subsequent developments caused a major war between the two in 1967.


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