2 Marks Revision Test

6th Standard

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Answer all the questions 

Time : 01:15:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. Arrange in increasing order of unit
    1 Metre, 1 centimetre, 1 kilometre, and 1 millimetre.

  2. Define force.

  3. Give the main difference between a pure substance and an impure substance.

  4. Arrange in correct sequence
    Leaves - Stem - Root - Flower.

  5. Relate the terms leaves and photosynthesis.

  6. How do the birds catch their prey?

  7. Which structure helps the bird to change its direction while Dying in air?

  8. Differentiate between carbohydrate and protein

  9. What is the main feature of a microorganism?

  10. Write a short note on Data.

  11. Mention the two types of softwares.

  12. Give any two examples of operating software

  13. Mention any two output devices

  14. What do you understand by thermal equilibrium?

  15. In the given circuit diagram, which of the given switch(s) should be closed. So that only the bulb A glows.

  16. What type of circuit is there in a torch light?

  17. You are given some candle wax. Can you make a candle doll from it? What kind of change is this?

  18. What will happen if we remove plants from the aquarium?

  19. What will happen if you breathe through mouth?

  20. What are the essential components of a cell?

  21. Shiva said “ Bigger onion has larger cells when compared to the cells of smaller onion”! Do you agree with his statement or not ? Explain Why?

  22. Write the functions of epiglottis.

  23. Name the five important sense organs.

  24. Classify the plants on the basis of their habitat.

  25. What is a solution?


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