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2 Marks Revision Test

6th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Answer all the questions 

Time : 01:15:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. Mention the places from where we got pre-historic tools.

  2. Compare the lifestyle of Old Stone Age man with present day lifestyle.

  3. Describe the ancient methods of hunting?

  4. Importance of invention of wheel from the ancient period to the modern period.

  5. Indus Civilisation is called urban civilisation. Give reasons.

  6. Discuss the sources available to know about Tamil cities.

  7. Name the scholars who were born at Kancheepuram.

  8. Temple city. Give short notes.

  9. Why is Uranus called as the somersaulting planet?

  10. What is a continent?

  11. Name the oceans which surround North America and South America.

  12. Complete the given table with the help of an atlas. Follow the example

    S.No Continent Plateau Plains
    1. Asia Tibetan Plateau Yangtze Plain
    2. North America    
    3. South America    
    4. Australia    
    5. Europe    
    6. Africa    
  13. When you are walking on the Marina beach in Chennai, which order of landform are you on?

  14. When you arrange the continents in ascending order according to their size, which ranks third?

  15. Define diversity.

  16. Write the names of three major festivals celebrated in India.

  17. Various discrimination in India. Discuss.

  18. Renewable resources.

  19. Differentiate universal and localized resources.

  20. Sandhai – Define

  21. What is Savings?

  22. Name the city centred industries.

  23. List out the various festivals celebrated in different states.

  24. Name any two artefacts?

  25. Observe the following features of Indus Civilisation and compare that with the present day.
    a. Lamp post
    b. Burnt bricks
    c. Underground drainage system
    d. Weights and measurement
    e. Dockyard


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