Centum Questions

6th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100

    Part - A

    20 x 5 = 100
  1. Observe the following features of Indus Civilisation and compare that with the present day.
    a. Lamp post
    b. Burnt bricks
    c. Underground drainage system
    d. Weights and measurement
    e. Dockyard

  2. Agriculture was one of their occupations. How can you prove this? (with findings)

  3. A noval dockyard has been discovered in Lothal. What does it convey.

  4. Poompuhar was located on which river bank? Name the ancient city which had Tamil Sangam Name a Sangam literary work
    Which Greek historian gave accounts about the Pandya kingdom? To which Tamil kingdom did the southern districts of Tamil Nadu belong to during the Sangam Age? Name the Chinese traveler who stayed and studied in Nalanda University.
    Thirunavukarasar mentioned Kanchi as What is the name of evening market during the Sangam Age? Name the temple built by Pallava king Rajasimha at Kanchi.
    Which district is known as the district of lakes? What is trade? Name a port located on the shore of Bay of Bengal.
  5. What are the effects of rotation and revolution?

  6. Study the picture and answer the given questions.
    a. Which is the closest planet to the Sun?
    b. Which is the largest planet?
    c. Which is the fart~est planet from the Sun?
    d. Which is the second smallest planet?

  7. Look at the picture and answer the questions given below.

    a) Identify the planet
    b) What is the colour of the planet?
    c) Why is it of this colour?

  8. Write down the classification of land forms.

  9. Write a note on plateaus.

  10. Plains are highly populated. Give reasons

  11. Write down the importance of oceans.

  12. 1. Name the landform.
    2: What order of a landform is this?
    3. Which activity of river is this landform formed by?

  13. December 11 International Mountain Day.

  14. You know the importance of conservation of forests. Do you think conservation of mountains is also equally important?

  15. Why are the Red Sea, Dead Sea and Black Sea named so?

  16. Explain Linguistic diversity and cultural diversity.

  17. Explain the solution to the removal of inequality and discrimination in Indian society?


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