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All Chapter 5 Marks

6th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 04:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 240
    Answer All The Following Question:
    48 x 5 = 240
  1. Write a paragraph about the city Poompuhar with special reference to trade.

  2. Poompuhar was located on which river bank? Name the ancient city which had Tamil Sangam Name a Sangam literary work
    Which Greek historian gave accounts about the Pandya kingdom? To which Tamil kingdom did the southern districts of Tamil Nadu belong to during the Sangam Age? Name the Chinese traveler who stayed and studied in Nalanda University.
    Thirunavukarasar mentioned Kanchi as What is the name of evening market during the Sangam Age? Name the temple built by Pallava king Rajasimha at Kanchi.
    Which district is known as the district of lakes? What is trade? Name a port located on the shore of Bay of Bengal.
  3. What are the effects of rotation and revolution?

  4. Explain the characteristics of the various spheres of the Earth.

  5. Give the important features of the Pacific Ocean.

  6. Distinguish between a Mountain and a Plateau

  7. December 11 International Mountain Day.

  8. You know the importance of conservation of forests. Do you think conservation of mountains is also equally important?

  9. Explain Linguistic diversity and cultural diversity.

  10. “India is a land of diversity, yet we are all united”. Discuss.

  11. Write any two types of discrimination?

  12. Explain the solution to the removal of inequality and discrimination in Indian society?

  13. Write about the Vedic women in a pragraph.

  14. Difference between Gurukula system of education and Modern system of education.

  15. Write any three differences between Hinayana and Mahayana sects of Buddhism?

  16. Make a tabular column in the following headings.

    Religion Name of the founder with picture Name of their Parents Key Principle Sects Symbol
  17. What did Ashoka do to spread Buddhism? (Write any three points)

  18. Write any three causes for the rise of Magadha.

  19. Compare national and international resources.

  20. How are natural resources classified? Explain any three with examples.

  21. Write about the resources?

  22. Explain in detail classification on the basis of ownership?

  23. Draw and define the Indian Rupee symbol.

  24. Where is the peacock sanctuary located in Tamil Nadu?

  25. Write a note on Tirupur Kumaran

  26. Write a note on Beating Reteat.

  27. Define: Sovereign

  28. Prepare a list of your immediate duties?

  29. List out the important primary occupations of your district

  30. How are the industries classified on the basis of raw materials?

  31. Why did Agriculture is called as primary oceupatlon?

  32. KarikalValavan is regarded as the greatest Chola king. Justify.

  33. The period of Kalabhra is not a dark age. Give reasons.

  34. What do you know of Gondopharid dynasty?

  35. The importance of Gandhara School of Art.

  36. Give an account of Samudragupta’s military conquests.

  37. Name the works of Kalidasa.

  38. Examine Pallavas’ contributions to architecture.

  39. Write a note on Elephanta island and Kailasanatha temple at Ellora.

  40. Name the important intermontane plateaus found in Asia

  41. Name a few countries which enjoy the Mediterranean type of climate

  42. How are the hemispheres divided on the basis of lines of latitude and longitude? Explain with diagrams.

  43. Explain: Indian Standard Time.

  44. What is flood? Explain the do’s and don’ts during floods.

  45. Find out your area's representative’s names and write down 
    a. MP b. MLA 3. Local body member

  46. Discuss about the merits and demerits of democracy.

  47. Discuss; If there is a contribution to the improvement of your school by local body representatives

  48. Find out the number of local bodies in your district and list them.


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