All Chapter 5 Marks

6th Standard

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Time : 03:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 210

    Answer The Following:

    42 x 5 = 210
  1. Explain two methods those you can use to measure the length of a curved line.

  2. Find the answer for the following questions within the grid.

    1. 10-3 is one__________.
    2. SI Unit of time__________.
    3. Cross view of reading for a measurement leads to__________.
    4. __________is the one what a clock reads. 
    5. __________is the amount of substance present in an object.
    6. __________can be taken to get the final reading of the recordings of different of students for a single measurement.
    7.__________is a fundamental quantity.
    8.__________shows the distance covered by an automobile. 
    9. A tailor use __________ to take measurements to stitch a cloth. 
    10. Liquids are measured with this physical quantity. 

  3. What is motion? Classify different types of motion with examples.

  4. Fill with examples:

  5. Distinguish between properties of Solid, liquid, gas. Draw suitable diagram

  6. Using suitable apparatus from your laboratory separate the mixture of chalk powder, mustard oil, water and coins. Draw a flowchart to show the separation process.

  7. Make a list of the functions of root and stem.

  8. Study the given concept map. Connect them correcting by drawing arrow marks. Complete the map by filling in the blanks.

  9. Describe the various features which help Camel dwell well in the desert.

  10. Tabulate the vitamins and their corresponding deficiency diseases.

  11. Explain in detail the Applications of computer.

  12. Suppose your normal body temperature were lower than what it is. How would the sensation of hot and cold change?

  13. If you heat a circular disk with a hole, what change do you expect in the diameter of the hole? Remember that the effect of heating increases the separation between any pair of particles.

  14. What is the source of electricity? Explain the various power stations in India?

  15. Write short notes on conductors and insulators.

  16. Give one example in each case that happens around you.
    a. Slow and fast change
    b. Reversible and irreversible change
    c. Physical and chemical change
    d. Natural and man-made change
    e. Desirable and undesirable change

  17. When a candle is lit the following changes are observed.
    a. Wax melts.
    b. Candle keeps burning.
    c. The size of the candle decreases.
    d. The molten wax solidifies
    e. Which of the changes can be reversed? Justify your answer.

  18. Why is atmosphere essential for life on earth?

  19. Can you guess why fire extinguishers throw a stream of carbon-di-oxide while putting - off fire?

  20. Tabulate any five cell organelles and their function.

  21. Draw a neat labelled diagram of a prokaryotic cell.

  22. What will happen if the diaphragm shows no movement?

  23. Why do we hiccup and cough sometimes when we swallow food?

  24. You are provided with an iron needle. How will you magnetize it?

  25. How does the electromagnetic train work?

  26. Distinguish between magnetic and non-magnetic substances.

  27. Write the differences between a normal train and an electromagnetic train.

  28. What is potable water? List down its characteristics

  29. Who is known as waterman of India? Browse the net and find the details about the award, the waterman received for water management. State the findings by drafting a report.

  30. Where and how water is found on the earth?

  31. What are the reasons for scarcity of water?

  32. How are detergents manufactured?

  33. Which are physical and chemical changes?

  34. Differentiate organic and inorganic fertilizers.

  35. Give two examples of how you can avoid or reduce waste?

  36. Write a short note on noise pollution.

  37. Distinguish between bio degradable and Non-bio degradable.

  38. Write the various types of ecosystem.

  39. Write short notes on – Timber yielding plants.

  40. Comment on importance of plant animal interaction.

  41. What is the difference between hardware and software?

  42. Discuss in detail aboutthe types of software.


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