All Chapter 3 Marks

6th Standard

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Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 99
    Answer All The Following Questions:
    33 x 3 = 99
  1. A vehicle covers a distance of 400km in 5 hours. Calculate its average speed.

  2. Why do gases not have fixed shape?

  3. What method will you employ to separate cheese (paneer) from milk? Explain.

  4. Why do you call jasmine plants, a twiner?

  5. Distinguish between terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

  6. Differentiate between Unicellular and Multicellular organisms.

  7. What are the different types of invertebrates?

  8. What difference do you think heating the solid will make in their molecules ?

  9. Distinguish between heat and temperature.

  10. Can the cell used in the clock gives us an electric shock? Justify your answer

  11. Silver is a good conductor but it is not preferred for making electric wires. Why?

  12. What happen when paper is burnt? Explain.

  13. Can deforestation be considered a desirable change? Explain.

  14. Biscuits kept open on a plate during monsoon days lose its’ crispness. Why?

  15. Why do traffic assistants wear a mask on duty?

  16. Why cells are called building blocks of life?

  17. Identify any four parts of the Plant cell.

  18. Write a short note on rib cage.

  19. List out the functions of the human skeleton.

  20. A student who checked some magnets in the school laboratory found out that their magnetic force is worn out. Give three reasons for that?

  21. Take a glass of water with a few pins inside. How will you take out the pins without dipping your hands into water?

  22. Write a few slogans of your own on the topic “Save Water”.

  23. The fresh water available on earth is only 3%. We cannot increase the amount of water. In that case, how can sustain the water level?

  24. Explain the process of manufacturing cement.

  25. Ravi is a farmer; he rears many cattle in his farm. His field has many bio wastes. Advise Ravi how to change this bio waste to compost by using vermi -composting techniques. Explain the benefits of vermi castings.

  26. Idli is a little bit hard while we cook by using newly grinded idli dough but it is soft with old dough. Why?

  27. Write about phenol?

  28. Write the importance of the food chain.

  29. Explain the link between waste and dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria?

  30. What is a symbiotic relationship?

  31. Kavitha said “ Palm tree is a tall tree, so it gives hard wood”! Do you agree with her statement or not ? Explain Why?

  32. What do you mean by Operating System? How it Works?

  33. What is Free and Open Source Software? Give any two examples?


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