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Indus Civilisation Important Questions

6th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    3 x 1 = 3
  1. What metals were known to the people of Indus Civilization?


    Copper, bronze, silver, gold, but not iron


    Copper, silver, iron, but not bronze


    Copper, gold, iron, but not silver


    Copper, silver, iron, but not gold

  2. Indus Civilisation belonged to


    old Stone age


    Medieval stone age


    New stone age


    Metal age

  3. The dancing girl statue was made out of









  4. 6 x 1 = 6
  5. _____________ is the oldest civilisation.


          Harappan civilization

  6. ____________ were used to store grains.



  7. Group of people form ____________ .



  8. The archaeologists began to excavate the cities of Harappa and Mohenjadaro in the___________



  9. A huge public building found at Mohenjodaro was the _________


    Assembly hall

  10. The earliest form of writing was developed by the__________



  11. 5 x 1 = 5
  12. Mehergarh is a Neolithic site.

    (a) True
    (b) False
  13. Granaries were used to store grains

    (a) True
    (b) False
  14. The earliest form of writings was developed by Chinese.

    (a) True
    (b) False
  15. Indus Civilisation had covered 6 big cities.

    (a) True
    (b) False
  16. Bitumen is nothing but water-proof Tar __ 

    (a) True
    (b) False
  17. 4 x 1 = 4
  18. Charles Masson

  19. (1)

    First metal

  20. Mehergarh

  21. (2)

    Remote sensing

  22. Radar

  23. (3)


  24. Copper

  25. (4)


    6 x 2 = 12
  26. Statement: Harappan civilization is said to be an urban civilization.
    Reason: it has well planned cities with advanced drainage system.

  27. Statement: The englneermg skill of Harappans was remarkable.
    Reason: Building of docks after a careful study of tides, waves and currents.

  28. Consider the following statements
    1. Uniformity in layout of town, streets, and brick sizes
    2. An elaborate and well laid out drainage system
    3. Granaries constituted an important part of Harappan Cities.
    Which of the above statements are correct?

  29. Statement: Harappans knew the art of writing.
    Reason: Harappans wrote on seals and pottery.

  30. Which one of the following is correct?
    (i) Indus valley civilisation is an urban civilisation.
    (ii) In urban civilisatin people shift from rural areas to urban areas.
    (iii) They live a settled life.

  31. Consider the following statements.
    (i) Harappans used carts with spokeless solid wheels.
    (ii) In Harappan society there were merchants, traders, and artisans.
    (iii) cotton fabrics were in common use.
    Which of the above statements are correct.

  32. 5 x 2 = 10
  33. What are the uses of metal?

  34. Do we have the practice of worshipping animals and trees?

  35. River valleys are cradles of civilisation. Why?

  36. Dog was the first animal to be tamed. Why?

  37. What instrument is used nowadays to weigh things?

  38. 5 x 2 = 10
  39. What method is used to explore buried buildings nowadays?

  40. Can you point out the special features of their drainage system?

  41. What do you know about the Great Bath?

  42. Agriculture was one of their occupations. How can you prove this? (with findings)

  43. A noval dockyard has been discovered in Lothal. What does it convey.


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