Number System Two Marks Questions

7th Standard EM

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Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 30
    15 x 2 = 30
  1. Add the following
    (i) 8 and –12 using number line
    (ii) (–3) and (–5) using number line
    (iii) (-100+(-10)  
    (iv) 20+(-72)
    (V) 82+(-75) 
    (VI) -48+(-15)
    (VII) -225+(-63)

  2. In a quiz competition, Team A scored +30,–20, 0 and team B scored –20, 0, +30 in three successive rounds. Which team will win? Can we say that we can add integers in any order?

  3. Are(11+7)+10 and 11+(7+10) equal? Mention the property.

  4. A student was asked to subtract (–12) from (–47). He got−30.Is he correct? Justify.

  5. What will be the sign of the product of the following.
    (i)16 times of negative integer.
    (ii)29 times of negative integer

  6. During summer, the level of the water in a pond decreases by 2 inches every week due to evaporation. What is the change in the level of the water over a period of 6 weeks?

  7. (-400) divided into 10 equal parts gives _____.

  8. An integer divided by 7 gives a result –3. What is that integer?

  9. Find the amount that is left in the student’s bank account, if he has made the following transaction in a month. His initial balance is Rs. 690
    (i) Deposit(+) of Rs.485
    (ii) Withdrawal(-) of Rs.500
    (iii) Withdrawal(-) of Rs. 350
    (iv) Deposit(+) of Rs. 89
    (v) If another Rs. 300 was withdrawn, what would the balance be?

  10. Kamatchi, a fruit vendor sells 30 apples and 50 pomegranates. If she makes a profit of Rs.8 per apple and loss Rs. 5 per pomegranate, what will be her overall profit(or)loss?

  11. During a drought, the water level in a dam fell 3 inches per week for 6 consecutive weeks. What was the change in the water level in the dam at the end of this period?

  12. Find the sum of (-9999)(-2001) and (-5999)

  13. When Malar woke up her temperature was 10rF. Two hours later it was 30 lower, what was her temperature then?

  14. An elevator is on the twentieth floor, It goes down 11floors and then up 5 floors, What floor is the elevator on now?

  15. 16+_= 16. The property expressed here is_________


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